Monday, April 9, 2012

Outfit: My Computer Hates Me

 {sweater: H&M, dress: Target}

Why hello there! You probably thought I disappeared didn't you? Well I fooled you! Reality is that I have a stupid computer that is refusing to work and I have been incredibly busy. Spring break I went and visited some family and saw awesome wolves at a place called Wolf Haven. I'm telling you it was a dream come true. I'm actually quite grumpy because I wanted to share some pretty pictures of some of the wolves. But no. Computer wont let me. I have been enjoying this month so far though, despite it's frustrations... *cough* I want to punch my computer right now *cough*.

Oh, and my favorite polka dot tights in this outfit, they ripped. Why must tights always die so quickly? I do love that dress as a skirt though. Positives, look at the positives. Hopefully I get my computer fixed soon and come back a happier, less frustrated Amanda.

I have to go before my computer dies! I hope everyone survives their Mondays and have a good week!