Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Love the Oregon Coast

Hello, my name's Amanda and I like dropping off the face of the planet. It feels like I haven't blogged in ages. It's bad. I will start blogging less sporadically once I get back into a normal groove, I promise.

The last two days my parents and I took a mini-vacation to the Oregon Coast.   I haven't been during the summer in who knows how long. The Oregon Coast is a extremely beautiful place, even in the winter when it's howling wind and freezing outside, really. It was beautiful and sunny when we were there this time though, which was a welcome break from the norm. Now it's picture time! - I hope you're prepared.

Funny Story Time! The water on the Oregon Coast is also extremely cold, but of course I insisted on walking right on the water edge and running away from waves. Well as I was running away from a particular wave, which actually did get me quite wet, a little boy screamed "CHICKENS!" complete with wing-flapping. His dad was laughing and the little boy ran to where the wave that got us was. It was so cute.

There's an area in Newport where they have a cage for wild sea-lions where they trap any that are injured, tangled or otherwise in need of help- and they help them and let them go again. This is always the place to be for sea-lions though and it's fun to sit and watch them. They are such characters. 

There is so much hate for seagulls, but honestly I think they are gorgeous birds and I love the variety in colors. I'm just always afraid one's going to poop on me while I walk anywhere. They kind of rule the coast. 

This is what I'll leave you with. We got to our hotel and my mom opened that cabinet and said "THIS IS EMPTY! AMANDA YOU COULD FIT IN HERE!" So what else would I do then go fold my self into the cabinet. And of course my mom would insist on taking five million pictures while my spine was being crushed.

I hope everyone's been having a good week and all of those who were affected by Hurricane Irene are safe and sound!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Clothes Hoarding Weirdo ♥

Misty and I just wanted to say HI! I hope everyone's having a good day. You want to know what I'm going to do for the rest of the day?....

That's right, I'll be sitting in my closet. No but really I have absolutely zero space left in my closet. My clothes are currently occupying my closet, my room, my sister's room, my sister's closet and the guest closet. I will admit I have a slight shopping problem. It's always super hard for me to get rid of clothes, or anything for that matter because I attach sentimental value to everything. But it must be done. So I will be brave and try to keep myself together and get rid of some stuff.

Wish me luck...I think I'm gonna need it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Country Music Festival: Days Two & Three

It's time for lots of pictures! SO, if you read my last post: Country Music Festival: Day One, you know I was at a Country Music Festival all weekend. It was hot and there were a lot of people- but it was so much fun! I am very "musically diverse" I guess you could say, I like all different kinds of music. 

My mom and I parked next to the same group of stupid boys again, we couldn't believe it. The chances of that happening were so slim, but it happened. I also got offered a light by a really cute guy...but I don't smoke. I was in-between a couple making out (ew, who wants to make out in the heat, all sweaty and just yuck) and this kid smoking and heard him ask, but didn't know he was talking to me. I wasn't aware I looked like a smoker, but this is the second time something like this happened. I'm not even 18 yet! 

Anywho back to music- all the performances were fantastic and Blake Shelton did an awesome job wrapping up the weekend. This was definitely a highlight of my summer!

Day Two Line-Up was: Steve Azar, Phil Vassar and Alan Jackson
Day Three Line-Up was: Amy Clawson, Little Big Town and BLAKE SHELTON.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Country Music Festival: Day One

It's been a couple days hasn't it? It's been getting super busy as I wrap up my summer here in Oregon. This weekend I am at the, ready for it? Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival. It's three days worth of country music and drunk people. Never in my life have I seen so many RV's and beer-bellies in tank-tops. My mom and I decided to go- but we're not camping. We live close enough that we are just going to drive back and forth. The day one highlight was following a group of drunk boys with one of their friends on the top of the car (who almost fell off multiple times, and was almost pushed off once) in our vehicle and on foot. 

I also experienced the All-American moment. As I was sitting in a field, listening to the National Anthem being sung, surrounded by hicks and hill-billies, the smell of barbecue wafted into the crowd. God bless the USA. Haha.

Day One Line-up was: The JaneDear Girls, David Nail and Diamond Rio.

The JaneDear Girls

 David Nail

 Diamond Rio

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Evanna Lynch: Style Inspiration

It's Evanna Lynch's 20th birthday today! There could be no better day for me to talk all about her. Y'all probably recognize her from The Harry Potter movies as the actress who plays the completely eccentric and lovable Luna Lovegood.

Besides the fact that I love the character of Luna and want to be like her- I also think that no actress could have portrayed her better than Evanna Lynch. Need I say that I want my hair to look just like hers? I'm on my way, even if I'm not blonde.

This girl is effortlessly fabulous. Don't you just want to be her bestfriend? ...Or is that just me?

This picture needs no words. Except that I wish I had a make-up artist to do my make-up everyday.

She looks good in Luna's crazy clothes and spectrespecs. That's what I call style. I still haven't reached that point where I feel completely comfortable in who am or what I wear. The way she portrayed Luna and the character herself are both inspiring to me. They both represent the whole "be yourself" thing. And I want her hair. Bad. I already said that? Oh well, it's true.

She even looks good with dark hair! Is there anything that could make this girl look bad? I think not. Haha I think that's enough of my girl-crush. Who do you wish you could be- I mean be like?

None of these pictures are mine. If they are your pictures and you want them to disappear from here- just send me an e-mail.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Outfit: Floral + Dress = Love

There are two things I know I will always love: a pretty floral print and a dress. Then there's somethings about the combination of those two that just screams summer, which is escaping away from me too quickly. This past week has been my busiest of the whole summer and with less than a month left of my summer break it's only going to get busier...

Before my senior year of high-school I have to do my AP English summer assignment, get all prepared for the year, look over some music for the a Capella choir, finish off some goals and of course do some shopping. Throw in there one of my good friends coming home, three days of country musical festival, the Oregon State Fair and the first OSU football game and you get a jammed-packed last few weeks of summer. It should be fun though! Anyone else have any fun plans for the end of summer?

Time to announce the winner of the Wrinkle In Time Vintage giveaway! Drumroll please....

Congrats Mackenzie! I'll be in contact with you soon!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY Backpack Update

Here's the deal. It's almost time for my last first day of k-12. Backpacks are expensive. So- I'm using the same backpack but wanted to change it up a little. Then I remember I totally snagged a bedazzler at a garage sale a few years back and it had plain silver studs. Put all those things together and you have a Amanda DIY.

Now, something you should know about me is that I have almost zero patience. I'm one of those that never reads instructions and just pushes a bunch of buttons until I figure it out. Due to that I didn't measure or plan a single thing. I eye-balled it. 

I quickly realized that all a bedazzler really is a useless piece of plastic and I actually had better luck with pushing the studs in with my fingers and bending them pack with wire grabbers. I'm sure there are sets made especially for putting studs and things in them..but I didn't have one of those. 

And there you have it. My slightly updated backpack. I saved a bunch of money and had fun doing this quick little project. Remember new life can be given to old things with just tiny changes.

Today is the last day to enter the Wrinkle In Time Vintage giveaway! So go enter! I will announce the winner tomorrow the 15th. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outfit: Mickey in the Forest

Remember when I said I lived in a forest?

Denim Vest: H&M 

Well do you believe me now? I decided to start with the first picture just for kicks. Like my mouse ears? :P

Haha, I absolutely love my backyard. I channeled my inner five-year old, which I sometimes think is my permanent mentality, through the original Mickey Mouse and my backyard. I spent so much time with my sister and our imaginations on many a sunny -and rainy- afternoon. Those will always be my most cherished childhood memories.

I am completely obsessed with side-braids now. I wear them all the time when I'm around the house and my hair is driving me crazy. Which is 99.9% of the time. And one of my bracelets is upside down- definitely just noticed that...

Oh well! Happy Thursday everyone! Never be afraid to act like a kid every once and a while... just make sure you're around people who love you no matter what. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Buddy Misty

Hello everyone! I'm over at Windshield Diaries today talking all about my favorite, my Golden Retriever Misty. So go check out my Blogging Buddies Feature over there! Also I bedazzled my backpack today. Don't worry- just plain silver studs. I love it though and am planning on sharing it on here sometime soon!

Don't forget to enter the Wrinkle In Time Vintage giveaway. You have until the 14th! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Outfit: Feathers and Milky Way

Hello! It's feels like it's been forever since I've done an outfit post. Probably because I haven't really been getting dressed lately. It's been a lazy, sweats-every-day kind of summer. I'm not complaining- but it does feel nice to actually dress up occasionally. Man, I'm pale. We had a really gross spring and late summer this year in Oregon- so I've received almost no sun. Poor Melanin deprived legs. And arms. And... well you get the point. I think I'm on a roll with how many times I can wear those H&M bracelets. One day one of those babies is going to's only a matter of time.

I washed two cars today in this outfit. Risky business I tell you. Skirts are not ideal for car washing. I enjoyed spending the rest of the afternoon sitting in my backyard, reading magazines, holding conversations with my dog and eating a TON of mini Milky Ways. Kind of defeats the purpose of the mini doesn't it? 

 I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing Sunday. I'm off to eat some sort of dinner. I really want something with loads of salt....

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I Want: Style Outside the Box

Hey everybody! I want to introduce you to one of my favorite new online shopping websites: Style Outside the Box! What makes the site so awesome is that all the items there are totally unique because they all come from very talented independent designers. They have clothes, accessories, home and kids stuff. Plus everything would make an awesome one-of-a-kind gift. Below are some of my favorite things from Style Outside the Box- but be sure to check it out for yourself because there was no way I could link everything!

Maiden Hair Eco Resin Cuff- Wide

Isn't this just beautiful, the colors, the natural feel, everything. There's also a seaweed one like the necklace also on this post and many more. So pretty.

Pirose Jordyn Scarf

I have a slight- okay huge- obsession with scarves. I will never have enough. I want so badly to have this baby added to my scarf wall. Yes, I have a wall of scarves.

Seaweed Long Necklace

See, I told you there was a seaweed necklace. I don't have much to say about this other than it's fantastic. And I want it.

Tortuga Cocoa Eco Art Throw Pillows

Lastly, Mr. Turtle here. I also have an obsession with throw pillows and this website has a BUNCH of really cute throw pillows. I want all of them. 

Moral of the story? I have a lot of weird shopping obsessions...and Style Outside the Box is awesome! Oh and I really wish I had more money...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and I am going to do an outfit post here soon, I haven't done one in forever it seems like!