Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Portland Post

I feel like I should warn you that this will be no where near as exciting as I've made it out to be. My apologies. But- without further ado- The Portland Post.

The family and I decided to spend a weekend in Portland while my sister was visiting. We planned all the usual Portlandy things: Saturday Market, Walks, Shopping, Eating and a new one for us: The Japanese Garden. Please note that this trip was at least a week before the killings started to happen in the city. Things like that almost make me happy I live in a small town, almost.

The Saturday Market was it's usual fun and eccentric self. My sister spotted a kid who went around a corner and changed up his wardrobe; unfortunately probably not for fashionable reasons. Unless of course stolen is the new black? I spotted three gorgeous Great Danes leading their people. Now those are the dogs I'd take to the Market. I always get so worried when I see tiny dogs walking around. There are a lot of people, they could get stepped on! We were approached by a lovely man who told my dad a very nice story about how he "just graduated from something and wants to get off the street even though these kids are all really nice you know?" Let's be real- the dude was tweaking. But he was nice when my dad gave him change and responded "You know- I like that, *twitch*  Yeah I really like that".

I almost got in a fight with a girl with a very expensive camera at the Japanese Garden. She practically shoved me out of the way to take a picture of the Koi. Stood inches away from me on the ledge by the water. I should have pushed her in. (I would never ever do that by the way- my bark is way worse than my bite!) To make it all worse I kept seeing her all over the garden. The Japanese Garden is very pretty though and very peaceful. Well, it would have been...

My favorite moment from this trip was when I made a bouncer laugh. I'm always accidentally embarrassing myself in public. But I make people smile!
We were all walking down the street after dinner; my dad and three five-foot tall females- and passed a club. I had tied my halfway broken umbrella strap to my purse and heard the umbrella hit the ground. I stopped- directly in front of the giant bouncer none the less- exclaimed "OH NO! IT BA-ROKE!" and snatched it off the ground. Everyone started laughing, and I made the bouncer smile. Success.

I could ramble on some more but I think it'd be best if I stopped. If you decided to read all that, I'm sorry but don't say I didn't warn you! I should really actually get dressed one of these days- maybe do an outfit post. I have a lot of cute summery clothes but... summer makes me lazy.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Remember: avoid Portland at night for a little while, don't walk your tiny dogs around crowded public places, don't push little girls in koi ponds and always embarrass yourself around strangers. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Folk Festival and My New Obsession

My new obsession is crocheting! It's also why I haven't been blogging lately. Whoops. I've made this headband and a cowl that I love! I now adore crocheting and already have requests from my mother and sister for things. Oh goodness.

Last night I went to a local Folk Festival and I had such an awesome time. It was really low key (aka tables set up in a parking lot and maybe 30-40 people) and the groups were awesome. I saw The WinterlingsAmanda West, and Gabriel Surley Project. I enjoyed all of their performances, especially Gabriel Surley. That's them in the pictures down there. Go listen to them. Like now.

After the festival we went to get frozen yogurt and I destroyed a giant cup full of vanilla, cake batter and cheesecake. If one day I become morbidly obese, frozen yogurt will probably be to blame. 

One of these days I will do the Portland post, and an outfit post when I finally wear something decent again. I'm enjoying being lazy this summer so far. Hope everyone made it through their Monday alive and have a wonderful night!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Quest for the Silverton Shortcake

To say I'm a little behind on events would be an understatement. So, because of my slacking and procrastinating I've decided to wait to share my Portland adventure and travel back to last Friday the 17th. Just a warning, I'm not looking very glamorous in these pictures, forgive me. As a matter of fact my sister and I are in matching stripes. Ain't that precious?

So here's the story: While my sister is visiting home from California she wants to visit the places that are only found here, a little strawberry shortcake stand being one of them. Well leave it to my parents to go to the completely wrong place and get the wrong shortcake. As soon as we drove into the parking lot I told my family it was wrong. Walked into the place; told them it was really wrong. Not until my sister had eaten the shortcake did she decide I was right. We were all really disappointed,  so I decided to search for the real place. I work magic I tell you. With nothing more than the city it was in and the word "market" I found it on my trusty iPhone: EZ Orchards Farm Market.

The first stop wasn't really that bad, it was quite cute actually. There were some adorable cows that my sister took a picture with to show her California friends and really fun toy tractors. I'm glad I'm never going there again, because I'm pretty sure the employee that was watching me struggle to peddle the thing thinks I'm a verified psycho. It's also pretty sad that it was actually really difficult to scoot around in and probably the most exercise I've gotten in months. 

Ultimately we made it to the right place, a huge 7 miles away from where we were and enjoyed the best strawberry shortcake on the planet. Don't our faces show it? Haha. 

I will be back tomorrow (hopefully) to share Portland adventures! I'm dressed slightly better there I promise, but don't get your hopes up. Have a great day everyone! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Remodel Done! ...and More Excuses.

...took me long enough didn't it?

Honestly I'll probably get tired of it sooner than I hope, but for now I'm happy with it. Now to actually focus on the blog posts. Ha!

I'm tired of all these long absences I have- it's summer now so I really have no excuse. Well, besides the fact that my sisters visiting and we just got back from Portland. Which was fun! I'm going to post pictures and stories about my encounters with homeless people and Saturday-market dwellers soon, hopefully tomorrow. I've got to catch up on my reading too! I miss reading everyone's blogs!

Last but not least I recently got my senior pictures from the fantastic Leanna over at The Violet Reaction and I love them! I was on my high school tennis team with her two years ago and she so nicely agreed to take my pictures. I will leave you with some of my favorites (although I love all 96 of them and it will be incredibly hard to choose) and hope that I'm back soon with good stories to share.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who's the Newest Rebelation Member?

That's right- yours truly...and I couldn't be more excited! Rebelation is the small jazz ensemble at my school and after a year in concert choir, two years in the large auditioned group Rebel Singers, I made it to call backs and well, I guess they went well.

I'm really looking forward to next year, even though I have to be at school at 6:50 am. Yeah, really. I have a bunch of music to look over this summer too! 
I am almost done with school, tomorrow is my last day! I will be celebrating by going to lunch with friends afterwards and then sleeping in the next week at least. Yes! I will (and have already started) to remodel things on here- so forgive me if it looks a bit messy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Love Jeff Buckley...and My New Ukulele

Well folks- yes I did just call you folks- It's been a crazy week. Even that's an understatement  I'm wrapping up classes because my last day of school is next week, graduation was Wednesday and I had to say bye to all my seniors, I had a party to go to Thursday, auditions Thursday and it's not over yet!

I got call-backs for the Small Jazz Ensemble Rebelation! and have to have that music all ready by Monday. I have a dog training thing to go to tomorrow afternoon, a wedding reception tomorrow evening a final essay to work on and a resume to send in for a possible job.


My new Kala Soprano Ukulele got here yesterday and I've been playing it as much as possible since. I absolutely adore it! AH! I also adore Jeff Buckley. He was taken away from us way to early in his life. I listen to him all the time and you should too!

Sorry for the totally random post, I feel as if I've been neglecting my little blog lately. Once summer starts hopefully I'll be posting so more interesting and frequent things. Hopefully.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Monday, June 6, 2011

"Artistic Personality": My tuner is here!

I had a breakdown Saturday night when I came to the realization I'm mediocre at everything at great at nothing. I now have no clue what I want to do for college, when just a couple weeks ago I was totally sure. I took a lame personality quiz and these were the results:
You are the Artistic Personality Type! Artistic people like to live by their own rules--or no rules at all. They are creative and enjoy working with words or with color. They may be good at drawing, writing, playing music, or telling stories. 
Artistic people are intuitive and often know what others are up to. They don't have dozens of friends, but they have a few very close friends. They don't like to work in very strict environments. Instead, they prefer to hear about new ideas and try out new things.
Possible degree programs: Art, Music, Writing, Literature, Drama, History, Interior Decorating, Fashion Design, Public Relations, Philosophy, Journalism, Graphic Design.
Funny, I've considered about seven of those degree suggestions before. I just don't think I have the talent to pursue them... Gah! So depressing and "woe is me" I apologize. On to the positive! My Ukulele Tuner got here today! The thing is awesome let me tell you!
I am very excited for this summer and am looking at the silver lining of not being able to get a job... I'm going to dedicate my summer to all my instruments! Yay piano, guitar and ukulele! My new ukulele should be here any day now, man do I hate waiting.

Now as long as I can make it to summer, especially without all my seniors, it was their last day today. I still have a week and a half. Blah.