Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Outfit: Princess

{shirt: thrifted, shoes: Target}
My computer is working again! We'll see how long this lasts...hopefully a good while, because it's been way too long. Thanks for all the love that I've received from you guys while I've been MIA!  Ready for my list of exciting things that have happened since I was here last? Okay? Here we go..

1. I turned 18! I'm an adult now! Crazy I know.
2. I am now the owner of a Canon Rebel T3. That was my birthday present to myself. So be ready to see point-and-shoot pictures start to phase out. (Finally!)
3. I am going to the state competition with my choir this Friday! Yay!
4. I am a Princess for my Senior Prom! I was honestly completely surprised by this one. I had no idea that many people liked weirdo me. Kind of  a nice feeling I've got to say.

Good thing I was wearing princess-worthy shoes they day they crowned me....