Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love my hair: spread [your] love project

Victoria over at garden of eden designs has declared this week, spread [your] love week to promote positive body image. People (including me) don't appreciate and love themselves enough. Every single person is beautiful and has a huge impact on the people in our lives.

That being said, I personally love my hair. Now, my hair and I have a strong love/hate relationship. When I was little my mom loved playing with my long curls. In middle school I remembering spending nights crying, wishing I had thin straight hair like all the popular girls and hopelessly attempting to straighten my hair every day.

Then in high school it hit me. I am myself, not the "popular girls". I began wearing what I wanted, doing the things I loved and I started wearing my hair natural, crazy, thick, curly. My hair is me, it's my heritage and I love it.

So, spread [your] love this week! I also think it would be nice to share what you love about the wonderful people in your life this week as well. We should always do that, but we all get a little distracted by life.

I also love my very talented best friend, who made me this ring. I lovelovelove it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yo-ho, Yo-ho- A Pirate's Life for Me

Here it is, my newest fashion inspiration: I'm going to be a modern-day pirate.
Now before any conclusions are drawn- this girl is a crazy, costume-y weirdo- let me tell you what I mean.

Lots of natural neutral colors- black, brown, tan, white, gray etc. I do this already so that won't be a challenge.

Layers- lots and lots of layers.

Vests and belts- I won't be wearing corsets. Just no. This is inspired, not costume. 

Loose clothes- Peasant tops, skirts, dresses etc.

Natural accessories- Bronze, silver, wood, etc.

Lace, Sandals and Boots!

This all came about when was telling my friends about a conversation I had with my parents. We were watching Pirates of the Caribbean- my parents and I- and I said I wanted to be a pirate from back then. They of course looked at me like I lost my mind. I then explained that I just wanted to be a pirate to wear the clothes. I've always had a fascination with the fashion of the 1700's (and pirate clothes...)

My friends told me that I totally should and could, I'd make it modern and chic in today's society. I could phase it in, they proposed. So I shall. This wont take over my life or my wardrobe, I'm not going to start pilfering and extorting or anything crazy like that. It'll just be fun.

Phase 1- Get some wood beads for my hair. I've wanted to bead my hair since elementary school and just realized nothing has been stopping me.

I've been wanting to shop and spend money lately, can you tell? Haha

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eye Alaska: Outfit

Jacket & Jeans: American Eagle. Shirt: PacSun. Bracelets: Gift and TOMS.

This was from a few days ago, I think Thursday- when it was actually sunny! I'm disappointed I didn't get a better picture of the shirt, which has a wolf on the front and sheep! Said shirt is actually a band shirt for Eye Alaska. I bought this shirt more than a year ago and I am listening to the band for the first time currently. They are actually pretty good, don't ask me why I waited so long to figure that out.

I really wish it wasn't Sunday today, I'm not ready for another week of school. I still have some work to do today that I don't want to do and a solo to work on for choir. A solo I totally wasn't expecting to get. It's in Alice In Wonderland (the song in the opening title of the Disney version). All the rest of the girls who auditioned were great and I thought I did awful. I was happy I tried out because I didn't chicken out, and then turns out I get chosen to sing it. Life is funny, isn't it?

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday and a great week! :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

OSAA State Choir Championship...and a Truck!

I'm just going to start by saying I should be studying for the AP Bio Exam on Monday, but this is a lot more fun. 

Now that that's out of the way, on to the fun stuff! Yesterday was the OSAA State Championship. South Albany Rebel Singers got 7th in 5A and 2nd for academics. We had very tough competition this year- including a 6A school that moved down to 5A (they got first, big shocker). I am very proud of us, our performance was awesome, we even got a standing ovation. Oh Yeah. :)

We all went to Shari's for dinner. Those poor people. 50 teenagers, choir kids none the less. We ate so much food and laughed a lot. I have the most fun with these people.

Although we were expecting to place better, and there were a few tears shed; we can't be upset with how we did. We are amazing.

Last but not least- I got my truck! It's a '94 Ford Ranger and I love it. I spent all day today cleaning and Amandafying it. Finally I have wheels!

Well it's study time for me, have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm just full of excuses.

It's been a week since I last posted. A week! That's bad. I promise that once life slows down a little I'll start posting more often. Here's just a hint of the craziness lately:

  • After miserably searching I finally found a truck! A '94 Ford Ranger. I'll post pictures tomorrow when I get it!
  • I'm going to the OSAA State Choir Championship with Rebel Singers on Friday! Woo!
  • Monday is the AP Biology Exam. I am so incredibly nervous. I really want to get the credit so I can skip basic college Bio. Eek!
  • I have an essay to write tonight. Go procrastinators!
Along with all the usual insanity of life. 
I got a tan on Sunday, an actual tan. And an actual burn, on my chest which you can see. It hurts. Blah, I never burn. I love my earrings and that shirt because it didn't touch my burn. Best sign ever. In the woman's bathroom at The Electric Station in Eugene.

The Dogs! My Misty is on the left. Sedona is at the animal shelter. Maybe I'll do a Shelter Spotlight on her soon. We have awesome Garter Snakes in our yard. Nail stickers=my favorite.