Sunday, July 31, 2011

Giveaway! Wrinkle In Time Vintage

Yes it's true! I have a giveaway for all of you! Wrinkle In Time Vintage is offering a $20 gift voucher to the Wrinkle In Time Vintage shop that has an awesome collection of beautiful hand-picked vintage items for you to choose from. I'm definitely jealous of whoever wins this! Entering is easy- just follow the instructions below. The giveaway will close on August 14th!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Newest Creation: Crochet Hat

That's right, I crocheted (that word looks so weird) my first hat! I am very excited about it. For some reason I took an unexplained break from crocheting. Well, the obsession is back. Since Thursday night I have made two hats and four cowls. What...I have a lot of free time, okay? I figure I'll practice a lot and give my warm-ups to myself and my family before I start...selling them. Eek! Speaking of...

Oh! Exciting news first! Today is hopefully the last day I have to deal with icky, crappy, gross phone pictures. My dad -the man who broke my camera in December- is taking me camera shopping tomorrow. Hopefully he'll help out financially as well. Ha. Something to look forward to.

Okay, back on topic- Let me introduce you again to my adorable older sister. She is a fantastic artist, you can see her stuff at Art By Bri E. Leahy and while she was visiting early this summer she had me make her a headband. Well a few days ago she sent me these pictures.

Looks so cute on her- am I right? This post had slightly more purpose than the last one, so I'm not a liar! 

I almost forgot! Look forward to a giveaway in the very near future!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Way Back When

Dang...I was way more photogenic when I was little! Look at that pose! Haha. Oh and the sneakers- they had Kovu and Kiara from The Lion King II on them with pink, sparkly hearts and Velcro. I remember because they were my absolute favorite. I really have nothing else to say, I'm a little brain-dead today. I found this picture while searching for a baby picture of my dog and felt like sharing it with the world. Now there are two giant boxes waiting for me to put the pictures back in them. Why do things never seem to fit back into boxes?

I promise the next post will have some purpose. Promise. Maybe I'll even tell you the meaning of life... 

Yeah- on second thought, don't get your hopes up for that. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Award, Update and a Really "Special" Outfit

Thank you Sarah from The Dog Days are Over for giving me an award. My first award ever!

the rules:
1. thank the person that gave you the award and link back to them. 
2. post seven things about yourself
3. pass the love to 15 bloggers
4. let them know that they have received the award

1. I am only 5 feet tall but taller than both my mom and 21 year old sister.
2. I rode horses for over seven years and miss it dearly. 
3. I'm Second Generation American. I'm mostly Indonesian, Dutch, Irish and German.
4. I've lived in the same house for my whole life.
5. I'm never called by my real name in my house and have a trillion nicknames. Most common: Jones and Hobo.
6. I'm terrified of people in mascot costumes, salespeople and crowds. I will literally run away.
7. I once saved the life of a goat. I know, I'm a saint.

I've decided to set a goal for this here blog! Yay! Here it is: When I reach 100 followers I'm going to post an accent vlog. Cause I've always wanted to do one of those...

There is nothing special about this outfit- which is why it has been demoted in size. I just felt like throwing it in because my backyard looks pretty and sunny, turquoise is a pretty color and I liked my hair. Haha.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Outfit: Lonestar at the Fair

That outfit is not reality. Reality is I was advised by my parents to wear pants. SO substitute shorts for cuffed jeans, gladiator sandals and throw on a brown leopard print cardigan and you are back to life, back to reality. I hope I just got that song stuck in someone else's head as well as mine.

I love bracelets-can you tell? 
-Bracelet numero uno is a Zulugrass bead wrap bracelet-necklace-ankle-any thing you want it to be. Best thing about it? Part of the proceeds go to the women in Africa who made them.
-Bracelet twee (decided to go to Dutch) is from my best friend. It was my sixteenth birthday present and she has a matching one.
-Bracelet tres.... I don't know. Uh, they're wood beads on a metal wrap. 

More! Can you believe it? My infamous H&M Bracelets seen in many a outfit post make yet another appearance. I also stole some of my moms bangles from when she was younger. They may or may not be from Indonesia. Oh! And I am making it a goal of mine to wear different earrings more often. I have so many and never wear them, usually because my hair just hides them.

To the title- Lonestar was at my tiny little county fair. They sounded great! It was a nice 70 degree day and after the performance we wandered around the livestock barns and made friends with a sheep and had a Harry Potter moment with a Anaconda in the Exotic Animal thing that's at our fair every year. I swear I was gonna set it free. They actually make me angry. Wild animals shouldn't be harnessed and kept in little chain link cages with nothing, travelling around being yelled at for pawing at you. Heaven forbid the poor little tiger baby wants to play.

I'll stop ranting now and just say I had a lovely time. Which I did. For the most part. Haha. It got me looking forward to the State Fair- The Band Perry is performing there! Anyone else look forward to their State Fair every year? Or county- county fairs are probably much more exciting when you don't live in a tiny town...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mermaid Nails

I've been wanting to paint my nails for a while and finally did today. I always am hesitant to paint them because my nails grow super fast. So by Sunday they will probably already be all grown out and ugly. Does anyone else have that problem? Anyways this nail look is from cupcakes and cashmere and I love it. I used Revlon's 320 Jaded instead and some NYC glitter polish for the ring fingers. I really like this color, it's taking some getting used to though.

So- I am out of shape. I know when small people say that people get really upset but I'm not saying I'm fat, just out of shape. I have no muscle whatsoever. To remedy this I started doing the 5-day workout from Seventeen Magazine with my mom. It's more fun when we're both whining and complaining about it. But it's also bad, because we support each skipping a lot of days.

Last but not least here is a picture of the blueberry monster. I was in my backyard picking blueberries from our blueberry bush (I know you're jealous- fresh blueberries are the best) and there comes Misty under my feet, climbing all over me and pushing me out of the way so she can get the ones that fall to the ground. What a good dog.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Leaving Hogwarts (what I look like at 3AM)

Harry Potter fans read on...otherwise uh- be prepared for a little bit of fan-girl.

Okay, I actually never look like this at 3 AM. I'm usually a lovely mess of over-sized t-shirts, sweatpants, crazy giant fro-like hair and blankets. But this was no ordinary night; this was the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Which I adored. I must even admit that multiple times throughout the movie I almost cried. And I never cry in movies.

I did grow up with them though- I was only seven when the first movie came out and I went to every movie in the theater with my older sister until she moved recently and I went with friends who had grown up with them as well. It's sad to know it's over- that my childhood has left me. Harry Potter was my childhood and I'm not ready to let them go and be an adult. I actually just lost it again when I listened to Leaving Hogwarts by John Williams from the first movie which they play at the end of the last. The combination of them all grown up with the song from the first time Harry left and said "I'm not going home, not really" is enough to make me bawl. Thank you J.K. Rowling and the wonderful cast and crew from the movies for making my childhood so wonderful and full of adventure. I will miss eagerly waiting for the next movie to come out.
Beautiful, tear-jerking song.

I decided I'm going to grow my hair out to Luna length (like from Order of the Phoenix when it's low back). You can see from the above pictures I still have a few inches to go. I actually had my hair in a Luna style- I'll have to recreate it again and show-and-tell. I was also channeling Harry Potter costuming in my form of dressing up. Black and white+ Skirt= Robes. Scarf= Tie. Bring it all together with a Luna Lovegood hairstyle and your good to go. Okay- you caught me- I just really want to be Luna. Haha.

apologize for my not-so-brief hiatus. Things have been kind of crazy. My aunt and uncle visited and brought their pug Emma. Goodness, that dog is funny.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Tattoo Obsession- even though I'm underage.

Alright, I suppose it is a bit silly to say I have an obsession with tattoos when I don't and can't even have one. Nevertheless I really appreciate tattoos and I think they're beautiful. I can't stand the close-mindedness of our society and the overall bad attitude on the subject. I'm not saying everyone has to like tattoos. That would be wrong. But to often hear things like "you'll regret it", "you're ruining your body", "you will never get a job" upsets me. Sure- if someone got a giant, meaningless tattoo that they thought up that morning, I agree it's foolish. But in most cases tattoos have long-thought-out meaning, and are beautiful pieces of art. Enough of my ranting though...

According to my Countdown App on my handy-dandy iPhone there are precisely 284.13 days until I turn 18. That is precisely the amount of time until I could get a tattoo and not kill my father. Although I would be lectured, a lot. That's not saying that I'm going to rush out and get inked on my birthday. It could happen though. I've been thinking a lot about possible tattoos lately and the one that is standing out the most to me is a wrist tattoo. I dream of a simple wrist tattoo with the word doubtless in pretty cursive. In my post My Not So Scarlet Letter: D I talk about my issues with doubt. This tattoo would be meaningful for me not only because the definition means something that is certain or assured, but because it would remind me to doubt less. I'm even considering putting a small space there in between the t and l.

It would be a mixture between this:

...and this:

So who knows, maybe I will be tattooed. Maybe I wont. Perhaps it wont be until much later in my life. Only time will tell- 284.12 days now.

Does anyone have any tattoos that they adore? Awesome or tear-jerking stories that run behind them?

The pictures used in this post are not mine. If they are your pictures and you wish to have them removed-just let me know.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Braid...that my hair actually likes

With a lack of better things to talk about- this is what you get. Hope you enjoy and if you don't well... uh...

Do you all love Ulta? I went into an Ulta store for the first time today and it was amazing. I would have spent so much time in there if my dad hadn't come along. He doesn't like to shop with my mom and I, can you even believe it?

Now on to the point of this post, the summer braid. I found it on garden of eden designs who found got the tutorial from Free People. Confused yet? Well don't be. I am always looking for new things to do with my usually uncontrollable hair- because usually they just don't work out. My hair hates me I swear. But this was shockingly easy. It's even kind of french-braid like, and I don't know how to french braid. Forgive how messy it is- it was my first try after all. You should try it- it's actually fun. Crazy. Watch the tutorial here and be sure to visit garden of eden designs too.

I went to the strawberry shortcake place again today and it's a beautiful day. I hope everyone is having a nice, pretty and relaxing Saturday!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Uh...Why is it SO HOT? + Evil Wedges

First off, I am currently dying of heat exhaustion and hyperthermia. It was over 90 degrees here today (believe me, that's really hot where I am) and I was walking around in it. Sweating like a pig of course, super attractive. I managed to catch the attention of the waiter at Red Robin and an old man in Target though- score! (Hey, the waiter brought us like, three extra kinds of dipping sauce for our fries...) I wasn't planning on walking but my friend didn't want to drive her new five-speed bug to the theater so we walked. And I wore those wedges. Ouch.

Now onto the pros and cons of those wedges:
  • They were $3.50
  • They're super cute
  • They make me taller (average height)
  • They're adorable
  • They make my legs look killer, even if only my thighs are tan.*
  • Did I mention they're really cute?
  • Awful blisters on the backs of my heels. Enough said.

Oh well, you know what they say: beauty is pain.
Hope everyone has an alright rest of their Wednesday!

*Yeah...I don't know how that happened either

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Outfit: Tour de My Backyard + Army

Dress: TJ Maxx (I think)
Shoes: Target
Bracelet: H&M

This is one of my favorite dresses..oh wait who am I kidding, I love all my dresses. It is in one of my favorite colors, army-ish, olive-ish green and it's satiny, shiny, pretty. I'm obsessed with my H&M bracelets, I've worn them here and about every day that I've actually changed out of sweats and left my house. Which is always a very, very tempting option. I'm such a home-body, or maybe I'm anti-social?

It's been absolutely beautiful in Oregon this summer so far, sunny and in the 80's! That's actually way to warm for me, my Oregonian blood starts to over-heat at about 75 in the sun. That also explains my paleness, I haven't been exposed to much sun and my skin hasn't quite caught up yet (and I can't stand to be in the sun for more than ten minutes...hehe)

Yes, I do still have a full swing-set in my backyard. When my dad put it together all those years ago he set it in concrete- so it ain't coming out anytime soon. We have the most trees of anyone in our neighborhood and I absolutely love it, everyone else probably thinks we're loony. Oh well, they don't have pretty trees to block out neighbors!

I will leave you with pictures of my beautiful Misty on this beautiful day- I hope it's a beautiful day everywhere! Oh and happy late 4th to all my fellow Americans, happy late Canada day to Canadians out there and happy holiday to anyone I may be forgetting- don't want to leave anyone out! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Outfit: Flowers, More Flowers and a Dog

 Dress: Thrifted Forever Vest: H&M Bag: Thrifted Coldwater Creek Shoes: TJ Maxx Bracelets: H&M

Guess what!? I finally got off my couch/bed and got ready today! I got all dressed and went to lunch and shopping with my wonderful momma! We needed it because it's just us this weekend; my dad is taking my big sister back to California. Boo. Anywhooo...have I ever mentioned how much I love thrift stores? That bag up there, it was a brand new $60 bag, the price tag was still on it's twin. How much did I pay-- $5! I felt like I was stealing. Oh and I had to include those last two pictures, Misty really wanted to be in them with me -and you have to check out my gorgeous bug bite on my leg.

Remember how I said if I ever became obese frozen yogurt would be to blame? Well we went again today. Mine's the one on the left. Yum...