Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween with Harry

Yesterday I went with my friend to a "Halloween with Harry" Concert by the Corvallis OSU Symphony. It was fantastic. Before the concert they had the lobby open as Diagon Alley and served Butterbeer, which was delicious, had an owl, wands and other Potter-ish stuff. The actual concert hall was done up as the Great Hall, floating candles and all. It was a nice way to spend the day before Halloween. I'm getting all dressed up to hand out candy today, so check back for pictures of my costume.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Sweater a Day Keeps...

...Amanda from freezing and killing innocent bystanders. I wore this sweater two days ago, when I woke up and forgot how to be an Oregonian. It was 28 degrees out when I woke up! That's just cold. Anywho, wanna hear a story about sweaters? Okay!

I love thrift store sweaters. I go to thrift stores and buy piles of giant sweaters for $3 a pop. It seriously makes my entire week. I get a great arm workout, and a bunch of really awesome sweaters, which is nice when you live somewhere with chilly winters. So yeah. Thrift sweaters, go do it.

I got accepted to Oregon State University today! Yay! They actually sent my "acceptance e-mail" at two in the morning... I'm not complaining about timing though, I'm just excited that there's one less thing to be worried about! Speaking of worry, I have not had any real homework homework for I don't know the past two weeks and my teachers decide that tonight of all nights they would give me a bunch of studying to do. And I have piano tonight. 

I'm just really tired guys. Haha. Who's with me that there should be nap-time in higher education and jobs? I know y'all are figuratively raising your hands and if not...well...share your energy with the rest of us!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

French Braids and the Unexpected

Well today was kind of a crazy day. There were many surprises and I am trying to be as positive as I possibly can.

1. I woke up to having to complete a group members part of the project at six in the morning. Positive: I know I can write two sections of a cheat sheet in about five minutes if necessary.

2. It was absolutely freezing when I went outside and I wasn't expecting it. Positive: Cold weather= blankets, fireplaces, books, movies and cozy sweaters.

3. I hated how my french braid looked this morning, I hate my face. Positive: It pushed my comfort levels (aka my giant hair) and I got complimented on it multiple times. That makes me feel kinda stupid though...

3. There was some Oregon College Presentation that I didn't know about that happened at school. Positive: I got to hear more about OSU, and who doesn't need a little change in routine?

4. Who knows? There will probably be more craziness soon. Positive: I'm ready for it. Bring on the insanity.

I'm trying to get better at my french-braiding by they way. Do you have any magical tips besides just actually having skill that would help me out? I'd appreciate 'em!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Outfit: The World is Wacky

Yes, I am bringing you these outfit pictures from my bathroom floor. Yes, I am aware I don't match. Yes, my shirt does say "Bacon had a Mom" and has a little piggy on it. You are correct. Today was "Wacky day" for homecoming week. I'm not one to go all out on dress up days, so I thought what better way to dress wacky then layer as many patterns as I can to overwhelm my tiny self. Wacky outfit achieved.

I post this because it actually inspired me a little. I'm always afraid to mix patterns, even though I love when others do it. In a way, this over-done pattern clash pushed me out of my comfort zone a little...and it was actually pretty fun. I also have fantastic friends who tell me I look cute in everything. They flatter me too much, but it puts a smile on my face.

Do you like to mix patterns? Do you have any rules?

By the way- I am beyond seething mad about the hunting and killing of 49 exotic animals (18 rare Bengal Tigers and 17 lions included) in Ohio. Some unstable man was allowed to keep them, then let them all free and committed suicide. Funny how a man who had been charged on multiple counts of animal neglect and had 100+ guns in his possession was still allowed to keep these animals. And they died because of him. Come on US, get it together. Let the wild remain wild. We can't have everything.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Amanda + Exhaustion = Animal Videos

Today, I am tired. I think that pretty much sums it all up. I along with many others that I spoke to just couldn't fall asleep last night. I have been up since five and running on about three and a half hours of sleep. Woo! Fortunately today was lazy day at school for Homecoming, so I had an excuse to wear sweats. I've decided that I should wear sweats every day now because everyone said I looked so adorable (just kidding, I would never do that).

In lieu of my exhaustion...I bring to you adorable animal videos. The first two make me smile every time, and if you haven't seen the last one; well now you have. Don't worry, the guy is totally fine and now has an awesome story to tell.

This next one gets super adorable in the middle, I can't even handle it.

Drum-roll please...

The super dramatic music makes it even better...Haha.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outfit: Leopard

Jacket & Scarf: Old Navy

So I've been a little internet-absent lately. Life has been pretty jammed packed and unfortunately life comes before my blog (that is, when I have a life). Over this past week I had my first piano lesson, a visit to OSU and a football game. I am loving piano, my instructor even told me that I'm not a beginner, which made me feel pretty darn proud being self-taught and all. The Oregon State University Preview day was great- it just reminded me how much I love it, and motivated me to get my application done (which I still haven't...) So much to do, so little time right?

Also, keep Misty my Golden Retriever in your prayers. I think she may have had a little seizure this afternoon and is a little confused still. She's doing a little better now fortunately. Send positive thoughts our way please! :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Outfit: Apple Strudel

One of my favorite sweaters, from H&M of course.

You know, it's just a little sad when one of the only things that gets you through your day is food. That's pretty much my life. Today's life-sustaining food is Apple Strudel bread from Costco. If you have never had this- firstly I feel sorry for you, secondly just take my word that it is delicious. So delicious.

And that, my friends, is the rest of my night. Sitting on the couch, doing homework, watching tv and being distracted by my phone. The only thing that's missing is food.

And! I must share that I just finished reading Jane Eyre. I love that book. It is now one of my favorites. What are your favorites for when I can actually choose what to read?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Go Beavers!

So the Oregon State Beavers Football team actually won a game today! They aren't the best team this year (okay, the past few years) if you didn't know. My dad and I were rivals; can't blame him though,  he's an Arizona alumni. Speaking of which, they've only won one game this season too, but I'm choosing to ignore that. It was a beautiful fantastic day in Oregon today. I loved it.

On a totally opposite topic, I love Rite Aid. Shopping in there is just so fun for me. Am I alone in that? I got major loot there this evening; moccasins, mascara, a super soft make-up brush and a bracelet. Oh and chocolate, can't forget the chocolate. (that new aerated chocolate is actually really good.) I left that store a much happier girl. Wow... I think I'm a little shopping deprived.

Oh and do you like my BA beaver mittens? Haha :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outfit: My Dog Thinks I'm Crazy

First off this post is to show off three of my favorite things: Misty (that is the face I come home too), purple and boots! Misty can't stand to take pictures, she is so camera shy. Just look how irritated she looks with me. It makes me laugh.

Today is my wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, funny just all around amazing, mother's birthday. I have eaten almost nothing today because we are going to Carino's; where I plan to gorge myself on pasta, bread and turtle cheesecake. I am very excited. I'm also excited to see my momma open her presents- I picked them out myself and I love them. I wont say what they are quite yet, just to keep it a complete secret. But believe me they are awesome; I'm a good shopper.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Playlist

So my blog has been lacking a little in the music category of late which really is sad because music is such a huge part of my life. To remedy this travesty of lack of music I am going to start doing Playlists of the Month. Quite like the title implies, once a month I will be posting a playlist- a playlist that I will be living to for the month. I hope that y'all will enjoy it and maybe discover some new favorites along the way.

Also on the note of music (no pun intended, but I kinda dig it) I just got all signed up for actual, real, student to teacher piano lessons. I'm self-taught up till now and am feeling a mix of emotions about this, mostly excitement. My first lesson is on the 13th!

I can't capture a good picture of my slightly new hair-color and it is so frustrating me. Oh well!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outfit: Crochet & Glasses

I hardly ever shop at Aeropostale any more. I used to buy everything there in middle school and I was convinced their clothes just weren't that great. Well, I am not afraid to admit I'm wrong. We went into an outlet store to get my sister jeans and they were having a bin sale. I got this crochet crop top for $3! I'm sorry that I doubted you Aeropostale, you do have some cute stuff...

It's finally looking like fall outside! It's a little overcast, a little chilly and it is drastically improving my mood. Weird? Just a little. I've been relaxing in sweats and fuzzy socks, drinking a pumpkin spice latte (of course) and reading all day. It's a beautiful thing.

I got my hair done yesterday and got blonde highlights for the first time since elementary school. (We don't talk about that because we tried highlights from a box. NEVER AGAIN.) It's not really a drastic change, only to me I guess. It lightened up all my hair and my lovely hairdresser said it was honey. She loved it, so that's good. I'll have to get some pictures soon!

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. :)