Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Outfit: Princess

{shirt: thrifted, shoes: Target}
My computer is working again! We'll see how long this lasts...hopefully a good while, because it's been way too long. Thanks for all the love that I've received from you guys while I've been MIA!  Ready for my list of exciting things that have happened since I was here last? Okay? Here we go..

1. I turned 18! I'm an adult now! Crazy I know.
2. I am now the owner of a Canon Rebel T3. That was my birthday present to myself. So be ready to see point-and-shoot pictures start to phase out. (Finally!)
3. I am going to the state competition with my choir this Friday! Yay!
4. I am a Princess for my Senior Prom! I was honestly completely surprised by this one. I had no idea that many people liked weirdo me. Kind of  a nice feeling I've got to say.

Good thing I was wearing princess-worthy shoes they day they crowned me....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Outfit: My Computer Hates Me

 {sweater: H&M, dress: Target}

Why hello there! You probably thought I disappeared didn't you? Well I fooled you! Reality is that I have a stupid computer that is refusing to work and I have been incredibly busy. Spring break I went and visited some family and saw awesome wolves at a place called Wolf Haven. I'm telling you it was a dream come true. I'm actually quite grumpy because I wanted to share some pretty pictures of some of the wolves. But no. Computer wont let me. I have been enjoying this month so far though, despite it's frustrations... *cough* I want to punch my computer right now *cough*.

Oh, and my favorite polka dot tights in this outfit, they ripped. Why must tights always die so quickly? I do love that dress as a skirt though. Positives, look at the positives. Hopefully I get my computer fixed soon and come back a happier, less frustrated Amanda.

I have to go before my computer dies! I hope everyone survives their Mondays and have a good week!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

May the Odds...

...be ever in your favor!
 all pictures via Instagram  amandamleahy

    I think it is safe to say that I am just a tiny bit, okay very obsessed with The Hunger Games. I did read all of the books before I saw the movie this past Saturday (I was bummed I couldn't go to the midnight showing) and I think they did quite a good job with the movie. You have to consider the switch in the narrative styles, and be willing to look at the books and movies as different things- because they are. Read the books though, they're excellent. I love them.

I thought the actors were great. Jennifer Lawrence is perhaps one of the most entertaining people in Hollywood and I loved her portrayal of Katniss. Spot on in my opinion. I also may be a little obsessed with Josh Hutcherson. It's just that I think we would be perfect together...I'd make him look so tall! Haha.

I have to discuss the last picture, because I was pretty excited about it. Yesterday, as I was thrifting in one of my favorite thrift stores- I came across this dress. I immediately had to get it because it is so Katniss inspired and it was like three bucks. Now I can feel like a badass whenever I wear it. I do know how to shoot an arrow- I did archery for about three years.

{image from People}

Friday, March 23, 2012

Outfit: Safety Hazard

{jacket: aeropostle, boot socks: target, boots: fred meyer}

    I had two snow days guys! You have no idea how happy I was when the two-hour delay turned into another no school day on Thursday. We had so much snow for this area, a little under seven inches I believe, which is really crazy for us. The lovely school district did decide to send us to school today though, the day before Spring Break. If that isn't already asking for trouble, add in giant sheets of snow falling from the awnings, an outdoor campus and kids who rarely see snow and you have a recipe for disaster. I witnessed possible people-crushing, hundred-pound slabs of roof-snow avalanche multiple times, but I came out unscathed! The building, on the other hand was not so lucky; about ten feet of one of the gutters feel off, into a pathway for students none the less.

Sometimes I think that the district doesn't really think of us poor outdoor campus kids. We've had to go to school in quite a few dangerous weather conditions. Safety first? No? Whatever... it's Spring break now!