Wednesday, March 28, 2012

May the Odds... ever in your favor!
 all pictures via Instagram  amandamleahy

    I think it is safe to say that I am just a tiny bit, okay very obsessed with The Hunger Games. I did read all of the books before I saw the movie this past Saturday (I was bummed I couldn't go to the midnight showing) and I think they did quite a good job with the movie. You have to consider the switch in the narrative styles, and be willing to look at the books and movies as different things- because they are. Read the books though, they're excellent. I love them.

I thought the actors were great. Jennifer Lawrence is perhaps one of the most entertaining people in Hollywood and I loved her portrayal of Katniss. Spot on in my opinion. I also may be a little obsessed with Josh Hutcherson. It's just that I think we would be perfect together...I'd make him look so tall! Haha.

I have to discuss the last picture, because I was pretty excited about it. Yesterday, as I was thrifting in one of my favorite thrift stores- I came across this dress. I immediately had to get it because it is so Katniss inspired and it was like three bucks. Now I can feel like a badass whenever I wear it. I do know how to shoot an arrow- I did archery for about three years.

{image from People}

Friday, March 23, 2012

Outfit: Safety Hazard

{jacket: aeropostle, boot socks: target, boots: fred meyer}

    I had two snow days guys! You have no idea how happy I was when the two-hour delay turned into another no school day on Thursday. We had so much snow for this area, a little under seven inches I believe, which is really crazy for us. The lovely school district did decide to send us to school today though, the day before Spring Break. If that isn't already asking for trouble, add in giant sheets of snow falling from the awnings, an outdoor campus and kids who rarely see snow and you have a recipe for disaster. I witnessed possible people-crushing, hundred-pound slabs of roof-snow avalanche multiple times, but I came out unscathed! The building, on the other hand was not so lucky; about ten feet of one of the gutters feel off, into a pathway for students none the less.

Sometimes I think that the district doesn't really think of us poor outdoor campus kids. We've had to go to school in quite a few dangerous weather conditions. Safety first? No? Whatever... it's Spring break now! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Snow

    Just to clarify: this pictures were taken today March 21, 2012. The second day of Spring. Oregon is obviously very confused, because it's been snowing non-stop since before I woke up at five this morning. I got a snow day finally! It's been a cozy day off, making snow-dogs. Right after taking that picture Misty proceeded to eat my snow-masterpiece. She just really likes ice...

While I do love the snow, I think I'm ready for some sun now. Actually I take that back, if this can keep up for the next two days so I can have an extended Spring Break that would be fantastic. Keep going snow!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Outfit: High Heights

     Guess what? It hasn't been nice weather yet. As a matter of fact it hailed yesterday and snowed today, but I managed to get dressed despite it all. I've decided that I like wearing heels, although they make me about average height and I'm not so sure how I feel about that. The urge to go shoe-shopping is very strong right now...actually any shopping would do. I've been wanting a dslr camera for a while now, but $500 is a lot for me and I'm hesitant to shell out all that dough. Maybe it will be a good birthday present to myself, only a little more than a month away anyway!

Crazy how times passes. Some months seem to go by incredibly slow, but I swear March is on like x3 speed. This month is really flying by. Maybe that's why the weather is still's just lagging behind a little! Well, my brain is definitely slow this morning...I'm off to do some learning, and probably a lot of nothing. That's how Mondays should be, right?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life in an Instagram

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1. Lazy day sweatshirt for my future school. I can't wait to graduate high school. 2. My beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic Misty who never fails to put a smile on my face. 3. Yet another nasty-weather day which required a big sweatshirt and braids. 4. My first attempt at actual beading-jewelry-making. I'd say it was a success! 5. Top knot bun from The Shine Project. 6. My early birthday graduation present ring from my family. I'm still in love with it.

It's quite apparent why I haven't posted an outfit lately, I haven't really put much thought into what I'm wearing because the weather has decided to hate us again. Hail, snow, wind, a little sun, and then rain. Yesterday power-lines fell on my friends house and she had to seek shelter at my place. So, as soon as the weather decides to at least be a little nicer- expect to see Amanda wearing nice clothes again!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Outfit: Seal Lullaby

    Once again, choir has taken over my life a little, but once again I am not complaining. Yesterday we took first at our district competition. We sang one song in particular, Seal Lullaby, by the incredibly talented Eric Whitacre that now has a very special story attached to it. Our very talented accompanist has been expecting her first grandchild and wanted to give a recording of us singing Seal Lullaby to her new grandchild.

Yesterday, after singing what one of our adjudicators said to be the "most musical" performances of the song- our accompanist rushed off as soon as she could. Her grandchild had been born, on her birthday as well. We're going to give her that recording that now marks such a special and beautiful day.

Please remind me never to wear sweaters with giant holes when it's 28 degrees in the morning ever again. Anyways, have a great weekend everyone- in keeping with the choir takeover, I'm spending the entire day tomorrow with my a Capella choir...wish me luck! Only kidding- I love them.

Monday, March 5, 2012

What I Should Be Doing

 What I should be doing with my day-off:  homework, exercising (see picture above), cleaning, and figuring out how to get money without a job. I'm obviously not doing a single one of those things. Instead, I'm watching YouTube videos, eating, trying to decide on how much of my hair to cut off and posting random pictures/ meaningless mumbo-jumbo on my blog. Good trade-off right?

By the way- that ring was my early birthday/ graduation present from my family and I absolutely love it. The three main diamonds are my mom, dad and sister, while the band is all my family past present and future. Also, eat some baked asparagus because it's delicious.