"Hi, my name's Amanda...and I have a shopping problem"

I am seventeen and stand at a mighty five feet tall. When I'm not busy spending all my money, I am talking, singing, playing piano, writing, or, you guessed it- blogging. I have a tendency to spend way too much time on the internet but I also love being outdoors. I'm a soon to be college student and I'm excited about the future. I look forward to a lot of outfits, dogs, family, friends, "learning experiences", and laughs. I love putting smiles on faces. I make a fool out of myself on an almost-daily basis, so I've gotten the hang of laughing at myself. Blogging is an awesome creative outlet and it helps my personal style grow, battling those days where I just want to wear sweats and watch Disney movies all day...

Anywho, I hope you stay awhile- it'd put a smile on my face!

Love, Amanda