Friday, March 23, 2012

Outfit: Safety Hazard

{jacket: aeropostle, boot socks: target, boots: fred meyer}

    I had two snow days guys! You have no idea how happy I was when the two-hour delay turned into another no school day on Thursday. We had so much snow for this area, a little under seven inches I believe, which is really crazy for us. The lovely school district did decide to send us to school today though, the day before Spring Break. If that isn't already asking for trouble, add in giant sheets of snow falling from the awnings, an outdoor campus and kids who rarely see snow and you have a recipe for disaster. I witnessed possible people-crushing, hundred-pound slabs of roof-snow avalanche multiple times, but I came out unscathed! The building, on the other hand was not so lucky; about ten feet of one of the gutters feel off, into a pathway for students none the less.

Sometimes I think that the district doesn't really think of us poor outdoor campus kids. We've had to go to school in quite a few dangerous weather conditions. Safety first? No? Whatever... it's Spring break now! 


QT said...

You're just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is so beautiful!

kellyelizabeth said...

love those boots, and I remember snow days. best feeling ever!!
have a great break!


Lya Amalia said...

amazing photo! :D
i'm follow you, if you want, please follow back me :)

Naina said...

Lucky, so jealous of those snow days I used to have.. by the way, your dog is way too cute. Careful, I might come snatch her ;)

Natalie said...

your hair is so beautiful!!