Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yo-ho, Yo-ho- A Pirate's Life for Me

Here it is, my newest fashion inspiration: I'm going to be a modern-day pirate.
Now before any conclusions are drawn- this girl is a crazy, costume-y weirdo- let me tell you what I mean.

Lots of natural neutral colors- black, brown, tan, white, gray etc. I do this already so that won't be a challenge.

Layers- lots and lots of layers.

Vests and belts- I won't be wearing corsets. Just no. This is inspired, not costume. 

Loose clothes- Peasant tops, skirts, dresses etc.

Natural accessories- Bronze, silver, wood, etc.

Lace, Sandals and Boots!

This all came about when was telling my friends about a conversation I had with my parents. We were watching Pirates of the Caribbean- my parents and I- and I said I wanted to be a pirate from back then. They of course looked at me like I lost my mind. I then explained that I just wanted to be a pirate to wear the clothes. I've always had a fascination with the fashion of the 1700's (and pirate clothes...)

My friends told me that I totally should and could, I'd make it modern and chic in today's society. I could phase it in, they proposed. So I shall. This wont take over my life or my wardrobe, I'm not going to start pilfering and extorting or anything crazy like that. It'll just be fun.

Phase 1- Get some wood beads for my hair. I've wanted to bead my hair since elementary school and just realized nothing has been stopping me.

I've been wanting to shop and spend money lately, can you tell? Haha


Anonymous said...
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S and O said...

That actually sounds like a pretty fun idea :)
I bet your outfits are going to look great!

Kristina Pavlicek said...

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