Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm just full of excuses.

It's been a week since I last posted. A week! That's bad. I promise that once life slows down a little I'll start posting more often. Here's just a hint of the craziness lately:

  • After miserably searching I finally found a truck! A '94 Ford Ranger. I'll post pictures tomorrow when I get it!
  • I'm going to the OSAA State Choir Championship with Rebel Singers on Friday! Woo!
  • Monday is the AP Biology Exam. I am so incredibly nervous. I really want to get the credit so I can skip basic college Bio. Eek!
  • I have an essay to write tonight. Go procrastinators!
Along with all the usual insanity of life. 
I got a tan on Sunday, an actual tan. And an actual burn, on my chest which you can see. It hurts. Blah, I never burn. I love my earrings and that shirt because it didn't touch my burn. Best sign ever. In the woman's bathroom at The Electric Station in Eugene.

The Dogs! My Misty is on the left. Sedona is at the animal shelter. Maybe I'll do a Shelter Spotlight on her soon. We have awesome Garter Snakes in our yard. Nail stickers=my favorite.

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Anonymous said...

i am Immensely jealous that you got a truck!! that was my first car ever...and i got into an accident within months...and it was never to be seen again... :(