Saturday, May 7, 2011

OSAA State Choir Championship...and a Truck!

I'm just going to start by saying I should be studying for the AP Bio Exam on Monday, but this is a lot more fun. 

Now that that's out of the way, on to the fun stuff! Yesterday was the OSAA State Championship. South Albany Rebel Singers got 7th in 5A and 2nd for academics. We had very tough competition this year- including a 6A school that moved down to 5A (they got first, big shocker). I am very proud of us, our performance was awesome, we even got a standing ovation. Oh Yeah. :)

We all went to Shari's for dinner. Those poor people. 50 teenagers, choir kids none the less. We ate so much food and laughed a lot. I have the most fun with these people.

Although we were expecting to place better, and there were a few tears shed; we can't be upset with how we did. We are amazing.

Last but not least- I got my truck! It's a '94 Ford Ranger and I love it. I spent all day today cleaning and Amandafying it. Finally I have wheels!

Well it's study time for me, have a great weekend everyone!

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