Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's official- I've lost what little sanity I had left.

It's finals week...Yay! Not! There is my excuse for my brief hiatus from the blogging world (and complete insanity). Well, and life in general, people specifically. But that is unimportant. I'm back only for a short while because I'm going to the sunny state of California over Spring Break. I get to visit my sister, go to Disneyland all that good stuff.

OH ANNNND I GET AN iPHONE tomorrow! Woot! I'm very excited. My current Samsung Rogue is a worthless piece of technology, so it will be nice to have a functioning phone.

It is beyond stormy here near the Oregon coast, you know with the tsunami and all; what better time to wear the sunglasses I got at school today. Oh the paradoxes of life.

I'm totally ready for new experiences, new challenges, new boys, new people. Bring it life! :)


Gwiddle said...

I am SO jealous that you get to go to DisneyLand! Oh and cute sunglasses<3 Oh and when you get your Iphone you should get the app "words with friends" {its free} and add me xhochixx. Haha.

Amanda said...

Thank you! Can and will do :)

Renee B. said...

Yay for a new phone! Yay for cute sunglasses! :) :) :)