Monday, March 7, 2011

Ruffles, Lace and a Dog: Outfit.

Well it is definitely a Monday, isn't it? This week is looking to be a stressful one but I will try to keep positive. Today was a beautiful day in here in Oregon. I got some very much needed sunshine.

I am in love with:
The ruffly, lacy, amazing-ness of this shirt. Go TJ Maxx! 
My little ankle boots (which have a tear in them, which I found this morning in my math class. Yes that's how interested I am in math.)
My beautiful dog Misty, who wanted to join in on my pictures.

I am incredibly frustrated with:
My hair. I don't want to chop it all off, but it's irritating me.
Pants. They are just too long. There are short people in the world you know! I'm sure tall people feel the same. I know I know I could hem them, but I shouldn't be forced to do that...discrimination! 

Haha, oh well. I guess I should start working on the million things I have to do this week.

Happy Monday!


Leanna said...

aw, i love that top!

Your pants make me laugh a little only because i have the exact opposite problem... it's really hard to find pants that are long enough! :)

Anonymous said...

Love that top!