Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christmas in March!

I recently ordered some clothes online (online shopping <3) and they were finally delivered to my house! Yay! You should have seen me, it was like Christmas morning. just has to get warmer so I can wear them. 

I am exhausted today because the last two days have been so jam-packed. Thursday I had school and a District Choir Festival. I love my choir, I don't know what I would do without it. Friday was school, a choir festival at George Fox University and we got back just in time to see my school's production of You Can't Take It With You, which was fantastic! It's been a good two days, and now I have a lot of catching up to do schoolwork wise. Oh joy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


Leanna said...

Ah! It's Amanda! How did you find my blog? lol. Now you get to see how lame I am in internet life! :)

I LOVE online shopping way too much... in fact I have 3 orders from 3 different places coming right now... can't wait for them to get here.

Jessie said...

Love all the stuff you bought!! All pieces look wonderful on you :) YAY to online shopping :)


Amanda said...

Leanna- Magically stumbled across it and had an attack when I saw it was you! Ah! :)

Jessie- Thank you!

Online shopping is a beautiful thing, allows me to be lazy and shop. Haha :)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love online shopping.
your clothes are fantastic.
also, i did choir in high school as well...that is awesome.

Anik Milk said...

Wow, the skirt and dress are absolutely adorable! I love online shopping too. Although you pay money, getting clothes are always a real treat!:)

Josie said...

I adore You Can't Take It With You! I was in it in high school, haha. I love that little purple ruffled top.
xo Josie