Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Not So Scarlet Letter: D

We are reading The Scarlet Letter in my Advanced American Literary Class and this is our last project for the book I guess you could say. We had to create a letter and have to wear it around school for two days and get teacher signatures. If anyone asks, we have to answer. This project is well known around school for this class from seniors who bore their letters last year to underclassmen who learn about it quickly.

So what does D stand for you ask? D stands for Doubt. The embroidery is thicker at the top of the D, and becomes weaker until there is nothing left. I chose doubt as my fault because it's my biggest obstacle in life. Doubt is what keeps me unhappy even when I try my hardest. It makes me second guess everything that I do, and question whether it was right or not. Doubt makes me think about everything bad that could have happened to others because of my decisions and I need to stop.

Once I get over this doubt, I will accept all my decisions and learn from and let go of my mistakes. I am a strong, kind-hearted, caring person; I just need to accept it. 

I will wear my Letter around school on Thursday and Friday, no big deal, but never has an assignment reflected what I need to do in life more than this one.

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