Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back-To-School Beauty Products

The internet on my computer is back! Hoorah! Now I can catch up on blogging again, because you know I have enough time for that... I thought I'd share some of my new favorite beauty products that I just recently discovered on here. Fun right? A little skin-care, hair-care and make-up. I can't live without these babies anymore. Descriptions are under zee pickchures. 

1. Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream from The Body Shop. This stuff is amazing. Pure magic. It is made for combination skin and of course "mattifies" to make putting make-up on way awesome. I use some pretty strong facial cleansers and creams for evil acne which dries out my skin, but I also get some lovely oil shine. This doesn't completely cure that, but it definitely helps and makes your skin soft. Oh and it smells good and is very cool & refreshing on early mornings.

2. John Freida Liquid Shine Color Glaze. If you have never used a home-treatment glaze in your hair (doesn't have to be a color one, there are clear ones as well) go buy one NOW! If you have never been to thebeautydepartment where I learned of my hair's new bff go NOW! I'm not kidding. I put this one every time I was my hair after I condition and it makes my hair softer and shinier and just AH! Just amazing.

3. Body Shop Eye Shadow. Unfortunately I don't know what these are called, but they are a fairly new line there and fun. Of course almost all Body Shop stuff is fantastic- so it doesn't really matter. This particular one is just perfectly metallic-y and sparkly without being over the top. In the last picture you can not only see me doing something embarrassing, you can also see what the eye-shadow looks like.

And that's all folks. Of course I have more products I love but these are just my favorites now. I had fun posting this today on the functioning internet and will be hoping that my computer/internet has forgiven me and will continue to work for me. Off to do homework! Yay! Hope everyone makes it through the rest of the week. Only one more day!


Danielle V. said...

Ooh, cool products! That shadow looks especially lovely. Thanks for sharing :)


Kirsten said...

I've always contemplated getting that cream from the body shop, but have never know if it'd be worth the pricetag. Maybe now I'll try it out.

Rachael said...

I'm wondering why i've never come across that John Frieda product - looks and sounds really good!

Julia said...

I love the black nail polish :)

Cup of Tea

Erinn said...

I've been looking for a leave-in for my wavy/curly hair!
I found your blog because of your feature on ftlob :)
new follower
as it were or even if it weren't