Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago...

I was just seven years old on September 11th, 2001 but I remember the day clearly. My mom had just left to take my sister to school and she called my dad in a panic and told him to turn on the tv. I  had not left for my day of the first grade yet and was sitting watching tv. I remember sitting there watching the planes crash into the towers and witness them crumbling to the ground- like nothing.

My point of this post is not only to remember all the innocent and brave people that lost their lives that day, but also to remind parents of something. While you may be afraid to tell your younger children about the attacks because you don't think they will understand, I understood. I of course could not comprehend why someone would hate us that much, but I understood the seriousness, I understood the loss of lives and the importance of the unity of our country at that time. It is more important to talk to children about these things, because they will find out and will be curious. Talk to them.             

The rest of that day was spent in my classroom, watching the news and listening to my teacher talk about it. It did drastically change the lives of Americans. I don't know if I've ever been in an airport since that wasn't in Orange level (high risk) security. The majority of my life has been influenced by terrorism, recession and war. Some children it has been the entirety of their lives.

My dream is that one day there would be no terror, no fear, no hatred. But unfortunately we as people don't try hard enough to understand each other, our pride stops us from apologizing and we can't forgive. One day, maybe everyone will really try.

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