Sunday, January 22, 2012

January Playlist

    I have been gone for almost a month! It's been crazy in my neck of the woods lately! My sister was home visiting for the holidays, and shortly after she left we got some intense winter storms. My town flooded! All is calming down though, and all is well. This upcoming week is finals week, (woo-hoo) but even despite that I plan on getting an outfit posted. I've been slacking on getting nicely dressed lately, being more concerned on not getting drenched or frozen... For now though, just enjoyed some music hand-picked by yours truly for the dreary month of January.


Sandra said...

It's always hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. Great playlist, some really great bands.

Ridiculously Red said...

You got snow?! Lucky I'm on the cross-country ski team and we are still running because of our lack of snow... I hate running. White Halloween but a green Christmas. How wonderful (Sarcasm). Anyway great playlist, I loved all the songs. I also loved your leg warmers. Good luck on finals next week.

The Violin Style said...

The snow here is almost gone ;] I'm waiting for Spring :D I like the song btw ;)
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The newest one is inspired by... Pink Panther! ;)
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Joanna from

Hannah Lauren said...

I've awarded you the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for more details!