Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Outfit: Legwarmers & Recycling Bins

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone had an okay start to the week. My first day back to school was...well a first day back after a break. I survived though, and when I got home there was a box on my porch! I always get so impatient when I order things online, and when the packages finally arrive it's like Christmas morning all over again. I opened my box to find my TOMS Highland Botas! I love them, they are so soft and so...ah! I'm just in love with them.

As an unfortunate distraction from my infatuation, I discovered I threw away two weeks worth of progress for a school project and rummaged through our recycling bin looking for it while my sister laughed at me. In her defense it probably did look really funny. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Except go work, which is what I'm off to do! Adios!

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lauren van schijndel said...

Love the Toms! cant wait to get a pair of my own. The necklace is darling as well. sorry to hear about your school project! Good luck!
much love,
lauren xoxo

Julia said...

Many things I like about this outfit:
1. Sweater dress. It seems comfy and not so "painted on" like many sweater dresses are. Yours is better.
2. Feather necklace. Enough said.
3. BOOT SOCKS! I love them! ;)

Cup of Tea

Lidiya said...

This outfit is super cute; I lovely how cozy it is! Wonderful dress <3

jas said...

love the tights, warmers, boots combo!


Stephanie said...

I love sweater dresses! I especially love this one though. I'm gonna have to find one with longer sleeves like that.

You have GORGEOUS hair, by the way.


hasło said...

Love ur hair .
I start observe ur blog right now.
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Liora said...

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Marian said...

Cool look! I love it when knee socks are higher than the boots.

wardrobe-glitz said...

love your hair!