Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Outfit: Leap Day Ewok!

    Happy Leap Day! I wasn't going to post anything today, I was shockingly going to try to focus on school. Then I remembered that it is February 29th today! That only happens every four years! So needless to say, I realized I had to mark the day somehow.

The catch is that this wasn't my Leap Day outfit, because it was snowing today. This from sometime last week, when it was sunny, from a day that I was called a bear, someone's dog and an Ewok. An Ewok! I was most excited by that one, it kind of made my day. I also received a lot of petting and someone telling me it was the "coolest thing ever". I loved it because I got to feel like a bear, or dog, or Ewok. I always liked pretending to be animals when I was little.

Forgetful me forgot to tell you that my first post on Miss Unlimited went up on Monday. Go check it out along with all the other great posts as well! Make the best of your Leap Day!


DailyGlamour said...


Tanii said...

Your necklace is stunning, I love your fake fur vest :)

Rachhh. said...

I love the fur vest, it's cute! Lovely pictures! xo

Grecia Tafur Castillo said...

loved the outfit


ak said...

nice fur vest. It would be lovely to follow each other


Ruby Girl said...

great fur vest!! xoxo

soychild. said...

I love it when people put some creativity into compliments.. I hope it was meant as a compliment! Star Wars references are always awesome no matter what the intent! :)

Annie said...

Love the fur vest - so cute!

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The UptoWn Girl said...

love your gilet!

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