Friday, February 24, 2012

Outfit: Never Gonna Give You Up

Oh Rick Astley...get out of my head. Anywho- I am combining a lot of my most worn pieces from last year into one never-worn outfit here. Tricky right? My favorite part of the jacket is that tiny little pocket. I don't know why I adore it so much. Maybe I identify with it....

I am so tired, as you can probably tell from my lack of consistency of topic. Or ability to form coherent sentences. I don't even get to sleep in tomorrow- but I am going to visit a children's hospital and give those blankets my best friend and I made, which is a pretty good trade in my opinion.

I'm off to go to dinner with my momma, watch Grimm and then get some sleep- have a great weekend everybody!


LaraBeTheOne said...

Pretty dress :))

Julia said...

Cute outfit! I like wearing leather/pleather jackets over dresses. And that pocket is adorable. You should definitely put some pennies in there or something, hehe.

Cup of Tea

Aleksandra said...

this is so lovely <3

Bellamoreway said...

love the dress dear <3 craving for your jacket too! great looks :)