Friday, February 3, 2012

My Recent Thoughts

  Again, it's been a while, and quite the crazy week. It was the start of my last semester of high-school and there are currently a lot of things occupying important learning space in my mind- making it really hard to focus on much of anything. There are the things one would expect: I'm really tired, how am I going to survive my Probability & Statistics class, I wish he would like me, I need to learn a song in know, the usual teenage things.

Then there are the bigger thoughts in my mind, some I wish weren't there. Things like: what would have happened if I had done things differently, or if I had never met you. I have also been pondering how I'm going to make a mark on this world before I leave it. I saw Shen Yun, a Chinese dance group, perform on Wednesday night. Those young people are already making an impact by informing the world of the injustice going on in China, where they are not able to perform because what they believe. What will I do to make a difference?

To segue this random rant from my mind into something relevant to the blog world, I have an announcement to make. I am a teen columnist for Miss Unlimited by Aiming low, a blog by teenage girls for teenage girls, which posts it's first article February 6th. I am very excited to be writing for them, and hope that my words may help someone, you never know. I'll keep you updated and tell you when to check out my posts there!


skippysays said...

Congrats, that's so exciting!

Elly said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see! :)