Monday, February 28, 2011

Vampire Weekend + 3D glasses= Amanda

Post of randomness! This is what happens when I get too stressed out, my brain just stops working.

Shout out to Vampire Weekend! I love you! Go listen to them, seriously. The best concert of my life and I stood through about seven hours of rain. It was so worth it.

I have to go read about something for my AP Biology class now, wish me luck. I'll probably just end up distracted again. What do you tend to do when you're stressed?

Happy Monday to everyone!


Anonymous said...

vampire weekend is one of my all time favorite bands :)
good luck with ap bio! i know how that is!

Amanda said...

Sarah- They are so amazing! :)
and thanks, if that class doesn't kill me nothing will. Haha

Sarah said...

i've never heard of vampire weekend.
i'll have to check them out!
when i'm stressed out i just sleep. most people can't sleep when they've got so much on my mind, but for me it's like a gift! hahaha!
also, i took ap environmental science when i was a senior and it was haaaaaarrrrd!

Caitlin said...

I love your glasses, not many people can pull those off without it looking like a lame costume, but you make it work. I've just started getting into Vampire Weekend (thanks to Pandora)I love their vibe. Any suggestions about what songs do I NEED to have? Have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

Sarah- Oh yeah, definitely check them out. I wish I could sleep when I'm stressed, lucky! Why do we put ourselves through the torture of AP classes? Haha

Caitlin- Thank you! :) Pandora is amazing! If I said all of them that wouldn't be very helpful would it? Haha I'd have to say: Bryn, Oxford Comma, M79, Cousins, Giving Up the Gun and White Sky. You have a great weekend too!