Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shelter Spotlight: Donovan

I am attempting to be more organized with this whole thing, so there will now be  categories of posts...sometimes. "Outfits" are currently up there in the pages bar, and Shelter Spotlight will be up there soon.

Shelter Spotlight is very much what it seems, I will share one or two pups with you from the shelter, some stories from the day, whatever else related. It should be fun.

Look out for a new blog design in the not too distant future as well (when I can get to it), nothing too drastic but a bit of change is good.

So, without further ado let me introduce you to Donovan.

Dear little Donovan sat like that the entire time, whilst attacking his sheriff-horse toy. He's a scruffy little terrier mix and a little sweetheart.

The Girl Scouts were at the shelter Friday to do their whole donate-visit-the animals thing for their badge. They are so cute, reminds me of my Girl Scout Days. Anywho, the Community Outreach Coordinator told the group "...and this is one of our volunteers, giving the animals lots of love." I had two chihuahua mixes, Honey and Charlie (nicknamed Chalupa) on my lap.

One of the Troop Leaders sighed and said "That looks so relaxing, just sitting there and mellowing out after a long day" as she looked after her entire group of girls.

I smiled and said "It's so nice" and realized it is just as good for me as it is for the dogs. No matter how bad my day is, when I go there I instantly relax and feel better. It's the wonderful power animals have, to soothe and calm and give a great feeling of friendship to people. It's why it is so important to treat them correctly and always think before making the commitment to a best friend, so they never have to be separated from you and brought to a shelter.

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