Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday, License and Sun, all in one week?!

Yes it's true, I turned 17 on Thursday! I got my license on Friday, only a year late. Ha. Yay! I am very excited and had a fantastic birthday week. It's magnificently sunny here lately.

So excuse my absence, but I think its justified, don't you? I'll be blogging more in the near future.

My birthday loot! I have fantastic family and friends that know me well. 

My mother got me cheetah/leopard flips flops and a new purse. My old purse was falling apart, so I'm excited.

My best friend got me the Wicked mug (We're going to go see it on the 30th), the panda and made me the quilled sheep!

This is Luna. I love her. Read about her in Shelter Spotlight: Luna.