Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sun, Stripes & Shopping: Outfit

Albeit the warmth is lagging behind. I was only hypothermic at the beginning of the day, so not too bad right? Believe it or not, the stripes in the following blazer are navy not black.

I went thrift-store shopping today; It was a complete success. There's always the risk of finding nothing, but that was not the case today. After getting a cheese pizza from Little Caesars after school (I only ate three slices, okay) my mother and I went to St.Vincents to do some shopping. She had gone earlier without me, the nerve! 

I scored: 6 dresses, a tank/blouse top, a skirt and a super cute pair of wedges for about $55. That averages out to six bucks an item people. Awesome day.

...Oh I also got a freakishly accurate 1978 children's book about pandas. TMI for little kids in my opinion if you catch my drift. I have a plan for the cute watercolor pictures in the book, we'll see when I get to that.


Mitch Raum said...

i <3 you're blog very caring person :)

but i think a simpler skinnier font would look nicer on your title text

i like this one personally for mine:

cause i use the same theme for my blogspot :)
just download it and run the .exe and it installs onto the web font app and you can find it in your edit thingy for your blog :)

Mitchell Raum said...

oops sorry wrong link

that one should be it ^

Lubna said...

Such a cute outfit! I absolutely love that blazer, I've been wanting to buy a blazer for some time now, and this one's definitely on my list. :)

Congrats on scoring lots of pieces in the thrift store! :D

Lubna | elle VOX

Mary Lee said...

aw lovely pictures and outfit! i like your shorts

hope you'll enter my giveaway

Phuong said...

nice striped blazer

Travel In Style

Michelle said...

this outfit is so cute! and what a sunny day :)

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Leanna said...

I love love love St. Vincent's. I don't know how I went 18 whole years of my life without shopping there. Glad to see I'm not crazy! (Or we're both crazy... I guess that's always an option, too).

Amanda said...

I love it too! It's probably that we're both crazy, but that's okay. Lol :)