Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Portland Post

I feel like I should warn you that this will be no where near as exciting as I've made it out to be. My apologies. But- without further ado- The Portland Post.

The family and I decided to spend a weekend in Portland while my sister was visiting. We planned all the usual Portlandy things: Saturday Market, Walks, Shopping, Eating and a new one for us: The Japanese Garden. Please note that this trip was at least a week before the killings started to happen in the city. Things like that almost make me happy I live in a small town, almost.

The Saturday Market was it's usual fun and eccentric self. My sister spotted a kid who went around a corner and changed up his wardrobe; unfortunately probably not for fashionable reasons. Unless of course stolen is the new black? I spotted three gorgeous Great Danes leading their people. Now those are the dogs I'd take to the Market. I always get so worried when I see tiny dogs walking around. There are a lot of people, they could get stepped on! We were approached by a lovely man who told my dad a very nice story about how he "just graduated from something and wants to get off the street even though these kids are all really nice you know?" Let's be real- the dude was tweaking. But he was nice when my dad gave him change and responded "You know- I like that, *twitch*  Yeah I really like that".

I almost got in a fight with a girl with a very expensive camera at the Japanese Garden. She practically shoved me out of the way to take a picture of the Koi. Stood inches away from me on the ledge by the water. I should have pushed her in. (I would never ever do that by the way- my bark is way worse than my bite!) To make it all worse I kept seeing her all over the garden. The Japanese Garden is very pretty though and very peaceful. Well, it would have been...

My favorite moment from this trip was when I made a bouncer laugh. I'm always accidentally embarrassing myself in public. But I make people smile!
We were all walking down the street after dinner; my dad and three five-foot tall females- and passed a club. I had tied my halfway broken umbrella strap to my purse and heard the umbrella hit the ground. I stopped- directly in front of the giant bouncer none the less- exclaimed "OH NO! IT BA-ROKE!" and snatched it off the ground. Everyone started laughing, and I made the bouncer smile. Success.

I could ramble on some more but I think it'd be best if I stopped. If you decided to read all that, I'm sorry but don't say I didn't warn you! I should really actually get dressed one of these days- maybe do an outfit post. I have a lot of cute summery clothes but... summer makes me lazy.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Remember: avoid Portland at night for a little while, don't walk your tiny dogs around crowded public places, don't push little girls in koi ponds and always embarrass yourself around strangers. :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE portland. :)
im going to be moving to the city soon to go to psu :)


Emily said...

Lovin the blog! Thanks for the comment!
I'm vegetarian also. Let's be friends.
Also, I blog stalked you down to your youtube video. I love that song.
You sing it beautifully!!
Lovely blog. Lucky you live in Oregon!!!
I look forward to blog stalking you lol!!!


p.s. how did you make your button??

Teresa said...

Cute blog! I've always wanted to take a trip to Portland. It looks so serene and laidback. Maybe soon...


Chandra M. said...

Oregon bloggers <3