Friday, June 10, 2011

I Love Jeff Buckley...and My New Ukulele

Well folks- yes I did just call you folks- It's been a crazy week. Even that's an understatement  I'm wrapping up classes because my last day of school is next week, graduation was Wednesday and I had to say bye to all my seniors, I had a party to go to Thursday, auditions Thursday and it's not over yet!

I got call-backs for the Small Jazz Ensemble Rebelation! and have to have that music all ready by Monday. I have a dog training thing to go to tomorrow afternoon, a wedding reception tomorrow evening a final essay to work on and a resume to send in for a possible job.


My new Kala Soprano Ukulele got here yesterday and I've been playing it as much as possible since. I absolutely adore it! AH! I also adore Jeff Buckley. He was taken away from us way to early in his life. I listen to him all the time and you should too!

Sorry for the totally random post, I feel as if I've been neglecting my little blog lately. Once summer starts hopefully I'll be posting so more interesting and frequent things. Hopefully.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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