Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Quest for the Silverton Shortcake

To say I'm a little behind on events would be an understatement. So, because of my slacking and procrastinating I've decided to wait to share my Portland adventure and travel back to last Friday the 17th. Just a warning, I'm not looking very glamorous in these pictures, forgive me. As a matter of fact my sister and I are in matching stripes. Ain't that precious?

So here's the story: While my sister is visiting home from California she wants to visit the places that are only found here, a little strawberry shortcake stand being one of them. Well leave it to my parents to go to the completely wrong place and get the wrong shortcake. As soon as we drove into the parking lot I told my family it was wrong. Walked into the place; told them it was really wrong. Not until my sister had eaten the shortcake did she decide I was right. We were all really disappointed,  so I decided to search for the real place. I work magic I tell you. With nothing more than the city it was in and the word "market" I found it on my trusty iPhone: EZ Orchards Farm Market.

The first stop wasn't really that bad, it was quite cute actually. There were some adorable cows that my sister took a picture with to show her California friends and really fun toy tractors. I'm glad I'm never going there again, because I'm pretty sure the employee that was watching me struggle to peddle the thing thinks I'm a verified psycho. It's also pretty sad that it was actually really difficult to scoot around in and probably the most exercise I've gotten in months. 

Ultimately we made it to the right place, a huge 7 miles away from where we were and enjoyed the best strawberry shortcake on the planet. Don't our faces show it? Haha. 

I will be back tomorrow (hopefully) to share Portland adventures! I'm dressed slightly better there I promise, but don't get your hopes up. Have a great day everyone! 


Katie said...

Wow that looks delicious! Jealous ;)

lovemins said...

oh god this looks SO good! i so wanna eat this right now! :) xoxo, saskia

Jenna said...

This post is blinding me... looks. so. good!

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Lisa and Kirana said...

OMG,this blog is sooooo nice, cute and oh i love your blog! the photograph is also cool!!

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

you and your sister together in the 3th picture , so cute:D x

sugarhoneybaby said...

Cute photos!
Nice blog!I'm new follower!:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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