Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Wrists Were Cozy ♥

It was chilly today, which is perfect weather for some wrist-warmers. Now that it's getting to be winter I've started crocheting like crazy again. I love the holiday season, and because I'm a choir kid- Christmas started for me in October. It wasn't until this week that I started playing Christmas music, making Christmas lists, thinking up ideas for presents and declaring it time for Christmas....

...but first it's Thanksgiving time. That last dreary picture would be my view from my window into my backyard. That's not even half the leaves that I will need to rake. Yay!

Moral of the story- I warn you to be prepared! Holiday time is my favorite time- and I will embrace every happy, Christmas-y thing about it!


Joyce said...

I love all the knits you are wearing! I can't wait for the holidays :)

Rachael said...

Winter has spurred me back into crocheting too - haven't done any for months and yesterday I was doing it like mad!