Monday, November 14, 2011

"The Call"

Can you spot me? I'm there!

I know I've been a little internet absent lately- but I have a good reason! This past weekend I was a part of two Veteran's Day Concerts, which premiered the song "The Call" from Grammy-nominated composer Dave Metzger. Seriously so amazing.

The song was commissioned by the Willamette Master Chorus and they asked us to join them in their concerts. Veteran's day is kind of a big deal where I'm from. 

Dave Metzger wrote the score for Kung Fu Panda and the Broadway version of The Lion King. Oh and you know the music that plays with the Walt Disney logo before every Disney movie- he arranged the newest version of that too. He's the closest to famous that I've ever-encountered, and I got to talk to him. The whole thing was a really cool experience.

But that's over now! So hopefully I'll be on here more often before I have to leave for Thanksgiving! I miss all my lovely bloggers!

The song starts a few minutes into the song by the way. I love my parents dearly, but they just don't get technology. 

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