Friday, November 18, 2011

Outfit: Scarves Make Me Happiest

Apparently I didn't want to look at the camera today...

I fell in love with the scarf the moment I saw it. I knew I had to have it right away... and I admit I have a scarf problem. I will never, never have enough scarves. My mom was nice enough to buy this one for me, but under the condition that she would wrap it for a Christmas present.

Wondering why I'm wearing it then? The answer: I'm totally impatient. I walked into my mom's room at about 6:30 this morning and asked her where this scarf was. She reminded me it was a Christmas present. My response:

"Well, I want to wear it today."

I think my mom knew she was going to be fighting a losing battle, so she just said she'd go get it, and something along the lines of I'm not going to have any Christmas presents left.

Oh well- I got to wear my cool horses-that-look-like-they-have-fish-bodies-and-a-little-bit-unicorn scarf. And I loved it.


Joyce said...

Your skirt is so pretty! I love it :)

Julia said...

Hehe! I love the horses... I'm always a sucker for something with animals on it :)

Cup of Tea

Katie's Bliss said...

Love your horse scarf! Seems like that type of pattern is very in right now :)

Josie said...

Cute! I love that scarf -- it's such a fun print.
xo Josie

Hannah Lauren said...

I magically happened upon your blog and I'm so so glad I did!
I've been on the look out for fellow teen bloggers, and lookie here! You're a senior too! I'm excited to keep reading! Loving your style!
xoxo, Hannah

Tamara B said...

The scarf is cute and it that sounds exactly like something my Mom would say. Lovely blog layout btw.


Amanda said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad there are others that at least understand my obsession. Haha :)

♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

very pretty skirt! love this outfit. you're so young, and you are an amazing fashion blogger. enjoyed your looks and posts, amanda. new follower from usa. maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. :) cheers and enjoy the day!