Friday, July 1, 2011

Outfit: Flowers, More Flowers and a Dog

 Dress: Thrifted Forever Vest: H&M Bag: Thrifted Coldwater Creek Shoes: TJ Maxx Bracelets: H&M

Guess what!? I finally got off my couch/bed and got ready today! I got all dressed and went to lunch and shopping with my wonderful momma! We needed it because it's just us this weekend; my dad is taking my big sister back to California. Boo. Anywhooo...have I ever mentioned how much I love thrift stores? That bag up there, it was a brand new $60 bag, the price tag was still on it's twin. How much did I pay-- $5! I felt like I was stealing. Oh and I had to include those last two pictures, Misty really wanted to be in them with me -and you have to check out my gorgeous bug bite on my leg.

Remember how I said if I ever became obese frozen yogurt would be to blame? Well we went again today. Mine's the one on the left. Yum...


Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

you are sooo cute! I love the outfit girl! and the dog!!! animals are so funny whenever they're in pictures!

J.Ashley said...

love this!, thanks for leaving your comment on ifb. I am following your lovely blog