Thursday, August 25, 2011

Clothes Hoarding Weirdo ♥

Misty and I just wanted to say HI! I hope everyone's having a good day. You want to know what I'm going to do for the rest of the day?....

That's right, I'll be sitting in my closet. No but really I have absolutely zero space left in my closet. My clothes are currently occupying my closet, my room, my sister's room, my sister's closet and the guest closet. I will admit I have a slight shopping problem. It's always super hard for me to get rid of clothes, or anything for that matter because I attach sentimental value to everything. But it must be done. So I will be brave and try to keep myself together and get rid of some stuff.

Wish me luck...I think I'm gonna need it.


Gentri said...

Ok, that first video (pictograph? Maybe that's right..?) is ADORABLE and AMAZING!! :D LOVE it! Annnnnd, I wish I had that many clothes. I always am going through my closet instead of keeping things... Good and bad I guesss.

Kirsten said...

Super luck! I know a lot about getting rid of clothes, but I believe in you!

Julia said...

Cute video! And ooh closet-y goodness! Good luck, I am really bad at separating myself from clothing too... I feel your pain!

Cup of Tea

Emily said...

Oh my gosh. I feel ya.
I need to sell mine or something! We should collab on a blog to sell all our clothing that we are hoarding!

Tanii said...

Oh god,you have so much clothes! I don't have the half of your closet...But,I hope you had luck?!
xx Tanja

Fragancia said...

the video is so cute. :0 you have so many clothes. good luck i hope you can get rid of some or maybe sell them off. :) BTW great blog,i'm your new follower.I'd love if you follow back :)

P.s I'm having two giveaways on my blog as well.

Josephine said...

wauw! Good luck with that :-) it looks incredible!