Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY Backpack Update

Here's the deal. It's almost time for my last first day of k-12. Backpacks are expensive. So- I'm using the same backpack but wanted to change it up a little. Then I remember I totally snagged a bedazzler at a garage sale a few years back and it had plain silver studs. Put all those things together and you have a Amanda DIY.

Now, something you should know about me is that I have almost zero patience. I'm one of those that never reads instructions and just pushes a bunch of buttons until I figure it out. Due to that I didn't measure or plan a single thing. I eye-balled it. 

I quickly realized that all a bedazzler really is a useless piece of plastic and I actually had better luck with pushing the studs in with my fingers and bending them pack with wire grabbers. I'm sure there are sets made especially for putting studs and things in them..but I didn't have one of those. 

And there you have it. My slightly updated backpack. I saved a bunch of money and had fun doing this quick little project. Remember new life can be given to old things with just tiny changes.

Today is the last day to enter the Wrinkle In Time Vintage giveaway! So go enter! I will announce the winner tomorrow the 15th. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)


Kirsten said...

that's a simple and cute idea. my backpack is pretty plain. definitely going to think of something to do to it.

Emily said...

How cute! I actually just bought some studs for some unknown object.
Love it!

Callie said...

Really love this idea! It was such a great way to add a personal touch to an otherwise typical backpack. The power of a little do-it-yourself magic is always great. Wishing you the best of luck with starting back to school - it'll go so quick!

--Callie @

Julia said...

Great post! It's always nice to see new life put back into still-usable items!

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