Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outfit: Mickey in the Forest

Remember when I said I lived in a forest?

Denim Vest: H&M 

Well do you believe me now? I decided to start with the first picture just for kicks. Like my mouse ears? :P

Haha, I absolutely love my backyard. I channeled my inner five-year old, which I sometimes think is my permanent mentality, through the original Mickey Mouse and my backyard. I spent so much time with my sister and our imaginations on many a sunny -and rainy- afternoon. Those will always be my most cherished childhood memories.

I am completely obsessed with side-braids now. I wear them all the time when I'm around the house and my hair is driving me crazy. Which is 99.9% of the time. And one of my bracelets is upside down- definitely just noticed that...

Oh well! Happy Thursday everyone! Never be afraid to act like a kid every once and a while... just make sure you're around people who love you no matter what. :)


Gentri said...

You are so cute as is your blog! Thanks so much for following my blog so I could find yours! Love the natural theme!

Callie said...

Adorable photos! There is nothing wrong with reverting back to those childhood years - I know I do it all the time. Even if it just channeling our favorite Disney characters through a vintage tee. Super cute outfit! I love the stacked bracelets and bangles - a great personal touch!

Callie @

Kirsten said...

Congrats on making the side braid work 100%! I can't seem to make them look good.

Alyssa Nicole said...

I love it! Especially the vest ;)

Sandra said...


Julia said...

Very successful side braid! Mine never work that well... :(

Cup of Tea

dana @ wonder forest said...

aw you are too cute!
xo dana