Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I Want: Style Outside the Box

Hey everybody! I want to introduce you to one of my favorite new online shopping websites: Style Outside the Box! What makes the site so awesome is that all the items there are totally unique because they all come from very talented independent designers. They have clothes, accessories, home and kids stuff. Plus everything would make an awesome one-of-a-kind gift. Below are some of my favorite things from Style Outside the Box- but be sure to check it out for yourself because there was no way I could link everything!

Maiden Hair Eco Resin Cuff- Wide

Isn't this just beautiful, the colors, the natural feel, everything. There's also a seaweed one like the necklace also on this post and many more. So pretty.

Pirose Jordyn Scarf

I have a slight- okay huge- obsession with scarves. I will never have enough. I want so badly to have this baby added to my scarf wall. Yes, I have a wall of scarves.

Seaweed Long Necklace

See, I told you there was a seaweed necklace. I don't have much to say about this other than it's fantastic. And I want it.

Tortuga Cocoa Eco Art Throw Pillows

Lastly, Mr. Turtle here. I also have an obsession with throw pillows and this website has a BUNCH of really cute throw pillows. I want all of them. 

Moral of the story? I have a lot of weird shopping obsessions...and Style Outside the Box is awesome! Oh and I really wish I had more money...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and I am going to do an outfit post here soon, I haven't done one in forever it seems like! 


Danielle V. said...

Oh my goodness.... this website is amazing! Thanks for sharing... I have a feeling I'm going to spend quite a few hours on here :P


Minza. said...

You've a lovely blog. Follow me! :)
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Brittni said...

That scarf is beautiful!