Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Evanna Lynch: Style Inspiration

It's Evanna Lynch's 20th birthday today! There could be no better day for me to talk all about her. Y'all probably recognize her from The Harry Potter movies as the actress who plays the completely eccentric and lovable Luna Lovegood.

Besides the fact that I love the character of Luna and want to be like her- I also think that no actress could have portrayed her better than Evanna Lynch. Need I say that I want my hair to look just like hers? I'm on my way, even if I'm not blonde.

This girl is effortlessly fabulous. Don't you just want to be her bestfriend? ...Or is that just me?

This picture needs no words. Except that I wish I had a make-up artist to do my make-up everyday.

She looks good in Luna's crazy clothes and spectrespecs. That's what I call style. I still haven't reached that point where I feel completely comfortable in who am or what I wear. The way she portrayed Luna and the character herself are both inspiring to me. They both represent the whole "be yourself" thing. And I want her hair. Bad. I already said that? Oh well, it's true.

She even looks good with dark hair! Is there anything that could make this girl look bad? I think not. Haha I think that's enough of my girl-crush. Who do you wish you could be- I mean be like?

None of these pictures are mine. If they are your pictures and you want them to disappear from here- just send me an e-mail.


Gentri said...

I love her and completely agree that she has fabulous hair, style, and was THE perfect Luna!

Callie said...

I've always thought she was really wonderful. And you're right, completely beautiful. I'd be interested to see some of her daily looks. Thanks for sharing!

--Callie @ unladylikeblog.blogspot.com