Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I want it to be Spring! Outfit

It is so cold in Oregon. It's not too bad right now, my computer says its 43 degrees but that is not what it feels like in my house. I'm living in an igloo! It's supposed to start snowing this week. Now I know that may not seem bizarre for some people but for a born and raised western Oregonian, snow in late February is like a flood in a desert. It rains here, a lot, but that's about it. None of this crazy snow stuff.
I am very much wanting it to be spring time, and cold, gloomy weather is not going to stop me from wearing cute dresses. Problem solving is all it takes. Tights, boots and my faux fur jacket and presto! Dress is ready to face the freezing morning. My dad told me I looked like a crocus this morning, trying to bloom through the snow. Pretty deep for 7am conversation. Haha

Now I don't want to sound desperate or anything but do you see that little box towards the top of the side bar? If you like what I write, don't be afraid to follow me! I promise I wont write five million posts a day a hog your dashboard. :)


Josie said...

I love your cheery dress, and those little boots are ADORABLE! So charming.
xo Josie

LizAnn said...

Lovely dress! I adore the print, and it is definitely perfect for Spring!! :)

VPV Intern

Amanda said...

Thank you both! :) It may be snowing now, but Spring will be here eventually. Haha

augustalolita said...

super cute dress :)

Moniek said...

Great dress girl!

julia louise said...

cute dress, doll!


Amanda said...

Thank you everyone! :)