Saturday, February 12, 2011

Patterns, Penny and Curly

Let's just say yesterday was not a good day. Thankfully it is today now and today will be a good day. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat at 5:30 am and had an awful day at school, I managed to dress okay though. I had a huge conversation with my father about whether it was too short with my tights or not. Turns out he thought it was fine with the shorts underneath, which I planned on wearing the entire time.

After my fantastic day of school, it was my day to volunteer at the animal shelter. Turns out visiting them was exactly what I needed. I was still tired, not feeling good and cranky, but how can you not smile when greeted by a bunch of wagging tails and puppy faces? It is virtually impossible.

To the left is Curly, the adorable Cocker Spaniel/Chihuahua mix. I spent a lot of time with this little one yesterday because she wouldn't get off my lap and because she's just so cute. I think I made a new friend.

                                                              Now meet Penny. She is a Chow mix, and such a sweet girl. She has been one of my favorites at the shelter and continues to be. Her forlorn expression in this picture is due to the fact that I had just left. I swear if I didn't still live with my parents, Penny would be mine.
I must go get ready for tonight now. I get to get all dressed up for a surprise for my friend's eighteenth birthday... I'll write all about it tomorrow! :) 

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