Sunday, February 6, 2011

New year new...?

2011 is here, can you believe it? I obviously can't, because I just typed 2001 three times by accident. There is the celebration, the excitement for a clean slate and the three dreaded words tied with the hope of "Happy New Year": New Year's Resolution.

I, for one, have never been the person to keep a resolution very long and I think I figured out why. They are so boring. Drink more water, exercise daily, go to bed earlier, blah blah blah. No wonder no one sticks to resolutions, they are no fun!

This year though is different, my resolution for 2011 (I just typed 2001 again, ugh) is to do things that I haven't done only because I stopped myself. For example: I'm now a volunteer at the local animal shelter, I got my nose pierced (which I have wanted but too afraid to get for three years) and I WILL get my driver's license soon.

Then there is the blog, it's new isn't it? I look forward to sharing my semi-mundane life with the entire Internet population. We'll see what I end up writing on here, maybe it will be therapeutic or something?

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