Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Way Back When

Dang...I was way more photogenic when I was little! Look at that pose! Haha. Oh and the sneakers- they had Kovu and Kiara from The Lion King II on them with pink, sparkly hearts and Velcro. I remember because they were my absolute favorite. I really have nothing else to say, I'm a little brain-dead today. I found this picture while searching for a baby picture of my dog and felt like sharing it with the world. Now there are two giant boxes waiting for me to put the pictures back in them. Why do things never seem to fit back into boxes?

I promise the next post will have some purpose. Promise. Maybe I'll even tell you the meaning of life... 

Yeah- on second thought, don't get your hopes up for that. 


Belly B said...

You look adorable :) And i loved the lion king 2! One of the best Disney sequels ever!

Belly B :)

Lovely by Lucy said...

Such a cute picture!
I was just checking out your blog as I came by, I love it!

Your latest follower,

Charlee said...

That is a really cute picture :) Velcro shows were IT when you were little had to love 'em :P

Rachael said...

Such a cutey! I will admit i've never seen the Lion King 2! How bad is that?!