Monday, July 11, 2011

My Tattoo Obsession- even though I'm underage.

Alright, I suppose it is a bit silly to say I have an obsession with tattoos when I don't and can't even have one. Nevertheless I really appreciate tattoos and I think they're beautiful. I can't stand the close-mindedness of our society and the overall bad attitude on the subject. I'm not saying everyone has to like tattoos. That would be wrong. But to often hear things like "you'll regret it", "you're ruining your body", "you will never get a job" upsets me. Sure- if someone got a giant, meaningless tattoo that they thought up that morning, I agree it's foolish. But in most cases tattoos have long-thought-out meaning, and are beautiful pieces of art. Enough of my ranting though...

According to my Countdown App on my handy-dandy iPhone there are precisely 284.13 days until I turn 18. That is precisely the amount of time until I could get a tattoo and not kill my father. Although I would be lectured, a lot. That's not saying that I'm going to rush out and get inked on my birthday. It could happen though. I've been thinking a lot about possible tattoos lately and the one that is standing out the most to me is a wrist tattoo. I dream of a simple wrist tattoo with the word doubtless in pretty cursive. In my post My Not So Scarlet Letter: D I talk about my issues with doubt. This tattoo would be meaningful for me not only because the definition means something that is certain or assured, but because it would remind me to doubt less. I'm even considering putting a small space there in between the t and l.

It would be a mixture between this:

...and this:

So who knows, maybe I will be tattooed. Maybe I wont. Perhaps it wont be until much later in my life. Only time will tell- 284.12 days now.

Does anyone have any tattoos that they adore? Awesome or tear-jerking stories that run behind them?

The pictures used in this post are not mine. If they are your pictures and you wish to have them removed-just let me know.


Emily said...

I personally would never get a tattoo, solely because I change my mind too much. I write a message on my wrist (like your photos) everyday. It went from "let's just get married." to "every heart in the room will melt" and now it says, "I can watch a sunset on my own."
I feel ya:)

Mallory said...

It's funny, when I was younger, maybe 13 or so, my best friend & I thought she would be the one with lots of tattoos and I never thought I wanted any. She had all sorts of ideas for them and I didn't think I'd ever want anything that permanent. Then as we grew older she realized how finicky she is and could never settle on a design idea, placement, etc. Meanwhile I found myself really loving beautifully done, super colorful sleeves and half sleeves on other pale girls like myself. I've also always loved marine life and octopuses. So I kept thinking about this idea for a half-sleeve octopus tattoo. Finally in Christmas 2009 my boyfriend got me a gift certificate to the tattoo shop where our friend, who is an amazing artist, works. The gift only covered the first session (I think I went back between 5-6 times total), but all of the time and money was well worth it.

Go big or go home - this half-sleeve is my first. Not sure if I'll ever get another or not, sometimes I think about doing the other arm with a coral reef type scene.

I was 26 when I started work on mine. I will say that a lot of the people I know who have tattoos that they regret where the ones they got on a whim at 18, just because they could. I'm sure there are people who get them young and love them, but I think it's a matter of thinking hard about who you are, trying to imagine what your future self would think, and also - you get what you pay for. Don't cheap out on a tattoo! Get recommendations for a good artist, and be willing to pay (and tip!) for good ink!

Mallory said...

Oh! Also, if you haven't, you should definitely check out this post:

The Pink Monocle said...

I'm totally in love with wrist tattoos too! I'd get a really small one that only I knew I had, but I'm way to indecisive for that and know I'd get sick of it so I'll stick to doodling an infinity sign there when I'm bored.

The Pink Monocle