Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Uh...Why is it SO HOT? + Evil Wedges

First off, I am currently dying of heat exhaustion and hyperthermia. It was over 90 degrees here today (believe me, that's really hot where I am) and I was walking around in it. Sweating like a pig of course, super attractive. I managed to catch the attention of the waiter at Red Robin and an old man in Target though- score! (Hey, the waiter brought us like, three extra kinds of dipping sauce for our fries...) I wasn't planning on walking but my friend didn't want to drive her new five-speed bug to the theater so we walked. And I wore those wedges. Ouch.

Now onto the pros and cons of those wedges:
  • They were $3.50
  • They're super cute
  • They make me taller (average height)
  • They're adorable
  • They make my legs look killer, even if only my thighs are tan.*
  • Did I mention they're really cute?
  • Awful blisters on the backs of my heels. Enough said.

Oh well, you know what they say: beauty is pain.
Hope everyone has an alright rest of their Wednesday!

*Yeah...I don't know how that happened either


Mywildmess said...

really cute wedges!!

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Chandra M. said...

I got massive blisters from the flats I wear to work! Pain is beauty? :p I am in the market for a more comfortable pair of flats! I notice you have a button! Button exchange?


Laura said...

wow, your wedges are adorable!

I really love your style of writing, glad I'm following so I can be kept udated all the time!


Maryjane said...

They are so cute! But I've had experiences like that before. And with really expensive shoes too! What's a girl to do???

Maryjane xoxo


hiya i really like your blog, just passing by to say hello i evil wedges too funny, but they look so nice, but forget it if it causes blisters auch.

any way nice to meet you/ur blog

Bon Bon said...

I have a few pairs of shoes like that: super cute and yet always guarantee a blister. Such a dilemma:-) xoxo

Emily said...

Hahahaha! An old man at target, definitely a score. For the creeper team lol.
p.s. I have a ton of clothes for sale at my shop, I think you'd like some! Check it out!

Castle Fashion said...

Wear them with socks! :D Problem solved. Haha

Castle Fashion