Friday, July 22, 2011

Outfit: Lonestar at the Fair

That outfit is not reality. Reality is I was advised by my parents to wear pants. SO substitute shorts for cuffed jeans, gladiator sandals and throw on a brown leopard print cardigan and you are back to life, back to reality. I hope I just got that song stuck in someone else's head as well as mine.

I love bracelets-can you tell? 
-Bracelet numero uno is a Zulugrass bead wrap bracelet-necklace-ankle-any thing you want it to be. Best thing about it? Part of the proceeds go to the women in Africa who made them.
-Bracelet twee (decided to go to Dutch) is from my best friend. It was my sixteenth birthday present and she has a matching one.
-Bracelet tres.... I don't know. Uh, they're wood beads on a metal wrap. 

More! Can you believe it? My infamous H&M Bracelets seen in many a outfit post make yet another appearance. I also stole some of my moms bangles from when she was younger. They may or may not be from Indonesia. Oh! And I am making it a goal of mine to wear different earrings more often. I have so many and never wear them, usually because my hair just hides them.

To the title- Lonestar was at my tiny little county fair. They sounded great! It was a nice 70 degree day and after the performance we wandered around the livestock barns and made friends with a sheep and had a Harry Potter moment with a Anaconda in the Exotic Animal thing that's at our fair every year. I swear I was gonna set it free. They actually make me angry. Wild animals shouldn't be harnessed and kept in little chain link cages with nothing, travelling around being yelled at for pawing at you. Heaven forbid the poor little tiger baby wants to play.

I'll stop ranting now and just say I had a lovely time. Which I did. For the most part. Haha. It got me looking forward to the State Fair- The Band Perry is performing there! Anyone else look forward to their State Fair every year? Or county- county fairs are probably much more exciting when you don't live in a tiny town...


autumn jordan said...

cute jewelery! i'm glad you had a fun time at the fair! i can't remember the last time i went to one of those!

autumn jordan

Minza. said...

You've a lovely blog. Follow me! :)
Rougeberry Fashion

Mo said...

Giiirrrrlll, you are absolutely beautiful!

And I love your blog - very interesting pictures.

xxx Mo

Sarah said...

Lovely blog. I agree with you that keeping wild animals in tiny cages is very cruel.

I love your outfit though, and I'm glad that you had a nice time at the fair.


Castle Fashion said...

The bracelets are lovely. I love stacking bracelets/bangles like that. Always makes an outfit more interesting.

Castle Fashion

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Nice outfit! x

Anonymous said...

banner swap ;)
and youre so very welcome for the award, i love your blog
xo, sarah