Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Braid...that my hair actually likes

With a lack of better things to talk about- this is what you get. Hope you enjoy and if you don't well... uh...

Do you all love Ulta? I went into an Ulta store for the first time today and it was amazing. I would have spent so much time in there if my dad hadn't come along. He doesn't like to shop with my mom and I, can you even believe it?

Now on to the point of this post, the summer braid. I found it on garden of eden designs who found got the tutorial from Free People. Confused yet? Well don't be. I am always looking for new things to do with my usually uncontrollable hair- because usually they just don't work out. My hair hates me I swear. But this was shockingly easy. It's even kind of french-braid like, and I don't know how to french braid. Forgive how messy it is- it was my first try after all. You should try it- it's actually fun. Crazy. Watch the tutorial here and be sure to visit garden of eden designs too.

I went to the strawberry shortcake place again today and it's a beautiful day. I hope everyone is having a nice, pretty and relaxing Saturday!


Chandra M. said...

Snagged your button, gonna go put it on my page now! Lovin your hair! I did this alot during my first year of college when I was in a hurry but still wanted to look like I tried. ;)


Julia said...

Cute idea! I definitely watched that video the whole way through... probably will try this later!

Thanks for sharing!

Cup of Tea

Anonymous said...

lets go to ulta together. i spend ao much time in there! :) haha.
and i love your hair and i love doing that braid. it looks good on you :)


Emily said...

Yes. I love Ulta!! Best store in the world! Too bad they don't have one where I live! Bawl!