Saturday, October 8, 2011

Go Beavers!

So the Oregon State Beavers Football team actually won a game today! They aren't the best team this year (okay, the past few years) if you didn't know. My dad and I were rivals; can't blame him though,  he's an Arizona alumni. Speaking of which, they've only won one game this season too, but I'm choosing to ignore that. It was a beautiful fantastic day in Oregon today. I loved it.

On a totally opposite topic, I love Rite Aid. Shopping in there is just so fun for me. Am I alone in that? I got major loot there this evening; moccasins, mascara, a super soft make-up brush and a bracelet. Oh and chocolate, can't forget the chocolate. (that new aerated chocolate is actually really good.) I left that store a much happier girl. Wow... I think I'm a little shopping deprived.

Oh and do you like my BA beaver mittens? Haha :)


Emily Spada said...

Woo! I love football!!!!

Joyce said...

Haha Love your mittens! They are so cute :)

soychild. said...

Wait what?! I was born in Corvallis!! I live in Arizona now but C-town's always had my heart :)